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In Louisiana

Asma Hamid

I'm the anon that stalks on you. I'm the anon that insults you. I'm the anon that gives you crappy advice. I'm the anon that you fight with. I'm the anon that talks true shits. And I'm the anon that you didn't know.

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BTW, just because the layout is pink, it doesn't mean I like pink.
06 January 2010
10:02 PM 0 Comments

I don't feel the need to blog today as I didn't get anything except tons of homework. Notes, notes and more notes.

Oh and did I tellyou that my bag gets heavier everyday? I don't understand why the Jabatan Pelajaran feel the need to not give us lockers... Although there's hardly any place for them, if there's a will, there's a way. Innit? They could put it at the back of the class. It wouldn't even be big. I mean, just something small so we could lock away our text books. Or atleast, they could seperate our text books. Half it or something and make like 2 books for one subject... like the Form 1 and Form 2s. Just because we're older, it doesn't mean we don't mind getting sore backs because the truth is, we do.

There's this one teacher that scares the crap out of me but... oh well. Ms T said that she's the debate teacher. GREAT! - in a non sarcastic way. I fell asleep in school because I was so tired. N didn't realise. LOLOLOLO. I tried making a schedule but it's not working out for me.
2-3 Relax
3-4 Chores
4-7 Homework

2-3 Chores
3-7 Relax
I personally choose #2. Hah. Hah. I'm sleepy. I haven't read that Mr Jekyll thing or the Malay one. I'm. So. Dead.

Yawn 1. Yawn 2. Yawn 3. Yawn 4. Yawn 5.
I'm getting tired of my friends. Not the boogles, the other ones. I don't even think they're my friends anymore. I mean, they wouldn't stop insulting me. They couldn't stop dissing me. They couldn't stop making fun of the way I speak. It's old news, find something new, please... and you call me ketinggalan. Do I diss you? No. Do I insult you? No. Do I offend you? No. Am I rude to you? Probably but atleast I don't diss you!