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In Louisiana

Asma Hamid

I'm the anon that stalks on you. I'm the anon that insults you. I'm the anon that gives you crappy advice. I'm the anon that you fight with. I'm the anon that talks true shits. And I'm the anon that you didn't know.

absoluteloud-ness: 2006-2008
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BTW, just because the layout is pink, it doesn't mean I like pink.
31 March 2010
Scout (1)
4:27 PM 0 Comments

Scout's second perjumpaan = FUN!

1) Persetiaan pengakap
2) Pisang goreng game
3) Make a sentence game
4) Lawan pantun
5) 'Guess the person' game


Oh and my geo teacher likes to annoy me.

Me and Amman were fighting
CMD: Eh, suami isteri tak bagus gaduh.
Me: -.-'
Nawal started picking on me during KH. And I HAD PIZZA! (Perdana's pizza) =P

30 March 2010
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28 March 2010
Arwah Wak Umi
11:28 PM 0 Comments

Wak Umi passed away at around 1. We straight went to Kuala Selangor from Muar. I didn't get to see Wak Umi because we arrived late. When we arrived, Wak was fully covered. They then went to the grave yard. Mami and Papa got to see Wak but I didn't because I am on bloody period.

Wak has been nothing but great to us. She was going through something and I just found out today. She didn't want anyone knowing. Even Hakim knew. I was left in the dark. But you know, sometimes we just have to respect some one's privacy.

The last time we saw her was when we had that barbecue at our house. I think she slept in my room. I was upstairs with Kak Aisyah. I didn't know that that would be the last time I saw her. I mean, who would, right? I don't know what to say.

You know, sometimes, when you're sad, you tend to think or talk about something else to just get your mind off that something? But then you know that you'd have to face it sooner or later? That sucks, doesn't it?

I would never go back to kampung to see pulut especially made for me. And if there were, it would never be the same anymore. Then i would never clean my room anymore because Wak was coming over. We wouldn't see Wak every eid anymore. This is making me cry. Wak was and still is the best aunt you could ever have.


BTW, where is the letter from MCMC telling me that I now have a callsign?

23 March 2010
5:52 PM 0 Comments

We left early in the morning and arrived at 12, was it? Had to wait for Papa and Hakim to pray. They brought KFC along. So we ate KFC without the chilli sauce for the first time ever! WHOA. Kay, no. Since it was bloody warm outside, we stayed in until Asar and we went to town. We actually went to the port. So we walked along the side with Muaz running here and there. We wanted to watch the sunset but buildings were covering it. In the end, we went home to pray and shower. After that, we went out again to eat. We went to this one place which I don't know what it's called, it was a seafood restaurant though. We had dinner. Like real dinner. Like really really table full dinner. You don't get me? I know. Haha. IFLP in the car, I ate too much. We then went to this island and it was actually a soon-to-be port - for the ships. Then we went back to the apartment and crashed.

Woke up and got ready to go to the beach. We were like YAY! On the way, we stopped at the side to buy Nasi Lemak then we ate burnt Roti Canai for breakfast. Wicked, no? Anyway, after that, we reached Teluk Batik and had to walk proper far cos they wouldn't let cars in.

I was in the water and I wanted to swim so I went deeper. And I was there, not bothering anyone until I felt something touch my thumb. The water was up to my arm and suddenly I felt something touching my thumb. I reacted that instant and I obviously pushed it away. I swam and honestly, I wasn’t moving that much but I just wanted to get away from that gooey, horrid thing.

Once I was back on shore, I showed my mum my thumb that was stung and she said that it was nothing. It started to sting and white dots started revealing. I was scared. I don’t want to be a thumb short. Being a sissy I am, I started crying. My mum then got my sister to get this gel from the car.

I was sitting on the sand with my dad and suddenly, I felt something on my left. So I jumped and that was so gay of me. Phobia of moving things. Hah. Hah. After my dad applied the gel on my thumb, the white dots started to go.

After playing with the sand and everything, we had to go. So I payed one bloody ringgit to shower. After that, my sister and I bought some keledek to eat in the car and we drove back all happy. First thing I did was... Waida min. We stopped at this Briyani shop to buy some briyani and the guy that was packing out briyani was A TOTAL PAIN IN THE ASS. He glared and technically shouted at me for saying I want NASI KOSONG when I wanted NASI PUTIH. Wowwee. I nearly swore at the guy, I didn't. I don't care if he's old, he shouldn't disrespect other people. Anyway, Papa then went and brought back the briyani.

We went to the apartment and ate. Then... guess what we did? WE CRASHED IN FRONT OF THE TV! Which was bloody fun. I slept, like what else would I do, right? When it was Asar, I went to the swimming pool and swam. I wanted to dive in but once, I did and my nose scratched a bit cos it was too shallow. I'm a tall kid, alright?

After Maghrib, we went to this one seafood shop and bladibladibla. The tomyam wasn't enough. But atleast I didn't FLP. After that, Papa dropped us at this place to buy souvenirs but there were non so Aisyah suggested that we go to the market. When Papa dropped us off at the market, we realised that Muaz's pram was at the shop so they went to get it. As what I thought, there wasn't any souvenirs at the market but there were leeches, on people's face. Anyway, after that we walked to this other place and it was actually closing but this guy reopened his shop for us. In the end, we got what we wanted.

Day 3

We packed up and went home early in the morning.


18 March 2010
8:19 PM 2 Comments

I'm having a Jesse-songs-marathon

I'm going to Lumur tomorrow. Can I wait? Yes? No?
I'm not sure. The excitement I had last week has already died down. Am I going to spoil everyone's fun? Probably but unintentionally. Hakim will be off on Sunday, I honestly can't wait. He keeps getting on my nerves one second and all friendly the next. I can't remember the word for people who keeps changing emotion, help me out?

I chatted with Qamaryna today. It would be a lie if I say that I don't miss her. We chatted like we used to, long time ago. With all the crapping. It was World Geography, one minute and hippies, the other. Like how it used to be like. I can't wait for her to come back but it's not like she's going to stay in SMK BRP, toughie. Atleast she can still come to my house and all.

Non of my friends from my previous schools in Malaysia have ever stepped into my house. Not even during Eid. And now look, I have friends coming over after school and everything. BRP is a one social-changing community for me. And I'm glad that I'm not in Bukit Antarabangsa. It was too far from civilisation. Fine, it wasn't. It was too far from my school, too hard to hang out and too dangerous to walk around.

Universal Studios Singapore is now open! OMG LIKE OMG. No, I'm not going. Tickets are bloody expensive and the economy is going down. It's also very limited to only a few people because it's still on it's developing stage.

I went to the dentist yesterday. To get braces to be exact. The dentist then broke all my hope of getting braces with one single sentence which was "If you know you will be moving, it's better if you don't start now". What can I say? I'm not allowed getting braces 'til what? So if you think about it, I couldn't get it this year. I might/couldn't take it next year. The year after that is a total no-no. And if I were to go to America, it's really expensive (I THINK) and then I couldn't afford it. I might have to skip study time to go to the dentist. You get the shiz.




14 March 2010
Debate Day 3
9:53 AM 0 Comments

I'm currently in the Debate room. I don't know which school vs which. So yeah. Can't say anything like that. Instead of the hall, we had to go to the auditorium. So I came first then Syaza. Followed by the rest. Hiqmal, Brian and Aisyah ditched. Sack them. When they did the roll call..
Sy: Here
AH: Nooooo..
TW: No.
Kay. That was gay. After that, I texted Kevin. Eeek. Kay no. Suddenly we saw Kevin, Eeu Jin and Karmen coming towards us.
Kevin: Hey!
Hidayah: Hye. What are you guys doing here?
Kevin: To see our good friends. Hye Asma! Hye Syaza! Hye Adam!
All3ofus: Hye!
Eeu Jin and Karmen just waved so we waved back.

Kay, then Syaza, Adam and I went to one of the room to watch. One team had the wrong title so we had to wait another 15 minutes. After everything finished, we went into the auditorium. We found out that Karmen and Eeu Jin went home but Kevin stayed. Kevin was suppose to hang around with us but I think his other team member stayed aswell so he went with them. After that, Hidayah, Sarah and Cammy went to One Utama whilst Syaza went to Mid Valley.

They left me and Adam. In the end, I decided to call Papa and he came. I felt really guilty leaving Adam but he said that he didn't mind. *shrugs*

Arrived home and then had to go to Muar.
Bladi bladi bla. That's what happened.


13 March 2010
Debate Day 2
9:07 PM 0 Comments

Hidayah, Adam, Eeu Jin, Kevin, Karmen and Syaza
(My turn tomorrow)

Today was fun.
Mrs Shanti came so it was cool. We had breakfast followed by the 3rd Round.

3rd Round
  • THBT prisoners should be allowed to vote
  • THBT the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy severely weakens gay rights
  • THW allow polygamy
Mrs Shanti and I went with Hidayah's group. I think it was against... shyte. I can't remember. Was it against Aminuddin Baki? Seriously can't remember. But it was an all-girls team. They were good and in my opinion, our school were good aswell. But we lost with a close margin so that's alright.

4th Round

  • THW support military intervention in Somalia
  • THW pull out NATO forces from Kabul
  • THW apply the one child policy in India
Bold would be Hidayah's group and italic would be Aisyah's. I followed Hidayah's group and I'm well glad. When I found out their motion, I was seriously shocked because I don't even know anything about Somalia. I didn't even know where it is. Anyway, after all the shiz in the debate room, all of us went out. And the group they were against, Sri Gardens were surprisingly really kind.
Kevin kept asking Hidayah if she was alright and everything. Real sweet. All of them were really kind basically. Kevin, Karmen and Eeu Jin. They weren't stuck ups and they were just really friendly. In the end, we got each other's email and I basically have them on my facebook. Well right now, I just have Karmen and Eeu Jin because Kevin hasn't accepted me yet but they're really cool.

After we chatted and chatted, we went to the hall. We were one of the early ones. All of us wanted to eat in the cafeteria but it was well warm so we went back up and ate in the hall. I added Karmen, Eeu Jin and Kevin in the hall. I straight went to them after I added Karmen. I then asked Eeu Jin for his facebook, I gave him the netbook and he friend requested himself. After that he whipped out his iPhone and said "I'll approve you right now". Then a second later I received a notification.

5th Round

  • THW go easy on the students who download music illegally
  • THW ban the broadcast of videos by terrorists
  • THW protect the celebrities not the paparazzi
I went with Aisyah's group this time. I felt like slapping the opposition team across the face. ISTG, they annoy the hell out of me. Since it was the 'silent round', the adjudicator couldn't say anything afterwards.

After it all finished, we met up with the Sri Gardens and asked how was it. I think they had to do the one about broadcasting videos by terrorists. Said bye to Kevin and Karen then went downstairs. We met up with the BBSB kids and bladibladibla. Eeu Jin then came up to us and said bye. Tee Hee. Kay. No.

In the end, I'm really tired and I'll be shutting my eyes right now. Kay. BLINKED!

12 March 2010
Debate Day 1
9:30 PM 0 Comments

I shall keep everyone on facebook updated with debate. Heh. Heh.

I as reserve just went around KDU searching for the right rooms. I didn't mind.

SMK BRP A - Won once against SMK BBSB
SMK BRP B - Didn't win at all

I didn't get to watch SMK BRP A debate because I had to give group B some moral support which didn't turn out well. Their second match was with CBN and they were totally kind. I mean, after the debate they were talking to us not like the previous group. The adjudicator, Daniel, was really kind as well... despite the fact of his Nike Zoom. Lalala. He was kind, helpful and polite. His helper too. I didn't catch that kakak's name.

So overall, everything was nice and cool. I'm just really tired of walking everywhere. My leg hurts from the cramp I got yesterday. o0

11 March 2010
7:12 PM 0 Comments

Kan best kalau aku update hari-hari macam dulu-dulu. Tak payah lah aku rasa (translation page) bersalah.

I feel like typing in Malay but I don't want to be them people who couldn't type in Malay properly and think they could. Not that I'm saying I can type in English properly. Sack all that. I will be typing in Gibberish starting from now.

Okay, I found out like last year that it's gibberish and not jibrish. That was sad, wasn't it?

The debaters are the coolest people ever these days. I am forced to look at them every single day not that it's a bad thing. I rarely see my friends in school and I don't like it. But sometimes you can't have everything you like. Right? We just have to be tuition besties now since there are people that are not old-news like me in school.

Anyway, today was fun. We had debate practice after break time and then we went to McDonalds after home time. Walking there was a pain. Honestly. We hung out in McDonalds and ate fries with ice-cream, you know. The normal stuff. I think I refilled 3 times and I didn't even need to piss. I am so proud of myself. Walking back was better than walking there. We had our drinks in our hand and it was okay.

We arrived in school and I went up to the Language room but not without torture. I was walking up and my leg felt as if someone twisted it. So I basically fell. It kills alright. That was the first cramp I had in school and the worst. If I was alone, I think I would've cried. But I wasn't. KAisyah and Adam helped me and then Syaza ditched us. Gay fag. :P Aisyah then went up and waited upstairs. She then started to tell me to hurry up. FGS, it bloody hurts. Adam was being all 'sweet' following me patiently until my leg stopped hurting. We were told that we couldn't be in the language room as a flatscreen TV was in there. The headteacher then said something about letting all the pos-PMR watch Disney Channel. Haha. We went to 4s1 afterthat.

List of motions that we thought of:
THBT government should spend money on school and not other stuff
THBT experiments on animals should be stopped
THBT Justin Bieber is gay
THBT Justin Bieber should hit puberty before he starts recording songs.
THBT school should plan out a day when a Disney character could come and visit

but we ended up with
THBT Google is better than Yahoo.

Unfortunately, just because I like Google, it doesn't mean the Gov team won. After everything finished, Adam went to get his car and he sent us home.

I just finished off the pizza that we ordered. Papa or was it Mami, told us to order it since they're coming home late. And whoever made my twisty sticks have got to stop working in Dominos. Go to pizza hut or something.


P.S. I couldn't wait for tomorrow. :D

Did you dye your hair black?
Because you seem like a blonde.

I was thinking of you all day last Sunday.
Yeah. I was at the zoo.

09 March 2010
3:16 PM 0 Comments

I didn't mean too.
I did actually.
Nothing happened.
Life has been so boring.

Hakim is going to Langkawi soon... very soon. He has got his MRSM shoes already. I cannot say no more. Papa bought Hakim and himself a ticket right after he found out. Everyone's excited and very very sad at the same time. Our holiday WILL be affected. Imagine Hakim coming back home and Muaz running away from him. I'm just saying. *both hands up*

Anyway, today was WELL COOL. I was bored. School was never fun. Well maybe... Kay, sack that. Then Rashid threw a packet with glue all over it. I asked Rashid to pass it to me, he didn't have it so he threw me an air ball. I then caught it and threw it back at him. People saw that so I started throwing it at other people. But the thing that really made my day was when I told GCY to watch out, HE DUCKED! Then he looked behind him to see what flew by. Totally made my day. I LIKE MY CLASSMATES. :D