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In Louisiana

Asma Hamid

I'm the anon that stalks on you. I'm the anon that insults you. I'm the anon that gives you crappy advice. I'm the anon that you fight with. I'm the anon that talks true shits. And I'm the anon that you didn't know.

absoluteloud-ness: 2006-2008
iztele: 2009

BTW, just because the layout is pink, it doesn't mean I like pink.
28 February 2010
In a few
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I don't care but whatever happen, you have to remember that it's all your fault.

I don't get myself. I don't understand why I don't have enough time to blog. I can go on Tumblr, Facebook, Formspring, Deviantart and no blogger? What is wrong with me. I think I need someone to knock me in the head. Hold on. Don't. Please don't.

Since today is Sunday which is the beginning of a new week, next week on Monday, tests will start. I think I lost my schedule. I can't find it but fear no more... something something something.

Last Thursday, we had a mock debate. It was awesome. Well not exactly but I was the adjudicator so that was alright. It was between Adam-Hiqmal-Amman and Syaza-Nazri-Aiman/Farah. It was fun though. In then end, the government team won because the rebutted good and the opposition obviously lost and that's only because they gave out points and no rebutions. They spoke between 1-3 minutes without the pause and uhmmsss. If yano what I mean. It was around 3 something when everything finished.

I ate the pizza I got from Raqib's leaving party. Then I went to 7Eleven with Jehan, Aiman, Nazri, Gab and whoelse? We ended up hanging in 7Eleven. Then we went to the court. After that, Jehan teman-ed me back to school and she went to the court. I went to the field wearing my school uniform feeling awkward. I wasn't bothered to change. I was already late. Heh. Heh.

And I shall stop now as the internet will be blocked in a few.

23 February 2010
It's about time...
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I don't know what happened over the holidays but...

I now know what I want.
I now know what I need to do.
I now know what I have to go through.
And I now have the will to not disappoint anyone.

I don't want to be a disappointment to my family anymore.
I don't want to disappoint my parents.
I don't want to disappoint my relatives.
I don't want to disappoint my siblings.
I don't want to disappoint myself.

And because of this, I studied.
For the first time ever...
without getting told to.
without second thoughts.
without any lagging.

And I swear that I'll try to keep this going.

22 February 2010
I missed a lot
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Me likey this song.

Mr Keyboard had no one poking it since last Tuesday. Sorry matey.
What can I say?

I'm proper sleepy. I missed one hell of a lot of posts and I'm not bothered to do it. I seriously need to get my schedule straight.

Kay.. yesterday, I had to pack to come back here. When we were in the car, M was saying how there were no complications today. I'm not saying that you know, there's non because of me. But yesterday, I seriously tried to keep out of trouble. I did what I was suppose to and honestly, I think I did a great job on that. I didn't get in trouble yesterday, I'm not sure if I pissed anyone off but I'm so proud of myself. I shall keep this up. I mean, when I don't get in trouble, life feels better. It feels light, you know?

The other day, I fell asleep in class. I dreamt that the teacher of the subject after didn't come. I woke up. Then I continued doing my work. After that lesson, a relief teacher came in. :|

Oh and BTW Hakim,
You are.
You should get your facts right before trying to have a stupid fight with someone that knows better.



And it's Justin Derulo and not Justin Rerulo no matter what you ears hear.

15 February 2010
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Hahaaa. Seriously. All the anak-anak mak came which includes Syameem, Jazli, Kak Iqa, Aiman, Faiz, KAisyah, Hakim and myself. No Muaz cos... just no. Oh and Kak Ngah brought us. :P

The first hour, I fell once. It was all nice and peaceful. After 12.30, I fell 8 times. Well I think it was 8 times and believe it or not... IT WAS ALL AT THE SAME PLACE. On the top, left corner if you're from the lift. It was bloody crowded too.

After a few falls, I went out because the back of my leg started hurting. I found out that my skin was peeled off. I had this surprised face on and the guy in front of me started laughing. Funny, ain't it? No. Anyway, I started limping towards Hakim for a plaster. After that, I skated and since my left foot hurts, I used my right foot. And yes, it was hard. I kept falling and all of my falls ended with a large bump on the rink floor. Okay.. OBVIOUSLY. Haha. Anyway, I basically skidded and then fell. But it was all totally worth it.

About 4 years of not touching the rink and I still got it. HECK YEAH! Haha. Perasan gilaaaa. Oh and I know what I want for my birthday this year. *wink wink* ;) I'll take the cab, don't worry. HAHAHA. After I have given up on falling, all of us went to the surau to pray then headed to Pizza Hut. We ate LOADS. Then when we wanted to bill, Jazli pressed the bill button 3 times and Faiz pressed it once. It came well late.

After Pizza, we walked to popular then had our desert. It was the Hot n Fold thing. I think that that's the name. And no, when I did a double that, it was purposely done. Kak Ngah hit the side post when she wanted to go out of the valet parking spot. She was all worried. We got lost somewhere there but in the end, after a few guess-turns, we were on the motorway again.

Arrived at my house, we all ate Mee Bandung Muar and went to the half-court... yano, testing out the new basketball. Heh. Heh. We played from like I don't know what time until 7.15. But the last 15 minutes, only Mami, Hakim and KAisyah played cos the rest went home. Oh and I scored every shot I took except one the last 15 minutes and I only got 2 in while the rest were still there. Like WTH Asma.

Oh and, before at the ice skating rink, innit I fell like 9 times and like all 9 times, I had people helping me. Well, I then went to the surau and I fell at the wudhu place. Yes it was wet but I didn't mind because I was already wet from the rink. So then this woman went out of the surau and you know what she said? "Oh, nasib baik, bukan anak aku" Then she went back in. How great?

and i don't even care that my legs are killing me

13 February 2010
Decision made
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I have decided to update everything from where I stopped.

A: *switched off the tele while H was playing on his PS3*
A: O00. Why is it so dirty?
H: Stop it.
A: No... why is it so dirty? Omg. It's so dirty.
H: *stood up and hit A with a pillow and proceeded to switch the tele on*
A: *switched it back off* It's so dirty... We need to get this clean.
A: Jaga Muaz.
H: *went to take care of Muaz*
A: *smirks*
H: *Got Muaz and made Muaz sit on A*

-after a while-

H: *Went in A's room*
H: *switched off the monitor* Why is it so dirty?
(continued doing that for ages)

In the end, we cracked up.

11 February 2010
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Ustazah say whhhaaaaaa?

I got low marks for my RE. I had to ketuk ketampi 50 times. And

At the back of my exam paper
A: I'm begging you for mercy, yeah yeah
U: Yolah tu!

A: Ustazah, kenapa ustazah tulis dalam tu?
U: Record markah?
A: A'ah
U: Memang lah kena. Buat lawak lah kamu ni
A: Gelak lah
U: Haha!

U: Asma, tanya kakak kamu macam mana dia study. Dia okay.
A: Dia punya formative fail, tahun lepas
U: So sama lah ni?
A: A'ah


Oh and MOFO means Mother F word. You're not allowed calling me that anymore even when we're having those insult fights we used to get into.

09 February 2010
Celebration day, COME ON!
3:01 PM 0 Comments

Forgive me dear blogger.
Tuition, Homework, Formative Test, Tumblr and Facebook is making me have no time for you but

07 February 2010
10:03 PM 0 Comments

Another week of sleeping late. Isn't this just great?

I miss being young... not that I'm not.
Long time ago, I will get told off if I sleep later than 10. The computer MUST be switched off at 10 if not, I'll be a dead human's meat. These days, the computer will be switched off when the mood comes and sleeping at 10 is no longer a must. It's probably a no-no.

Homeworks will be piled on the left side of my short little study desk. Text books and loads of paper on top of it. Then there will be me. On the carpet, holding a blue pen and a black pen at the same time with a book on my lap. A text book in front to copy off awaiting for the neck ache. Once it strikes, change position. Up on the computer chair and opening up multiple tabs. Facebook, Tumblr, Formspring, Blogger, MLIA, Youtube and then there will be one more tab open; for all the FYs that haven't been read during the day.

After a few minutes, the time will magically appear and the shock will come. When out of the shock, I will rise from the chair and go back on the floor. Ouch! My neck. Into the bathroom to take my wudhu then off to the prayer mat. After four rakaats, out I go with my school uniform. A few burnt fingers later, the aircond will be on and I'll look around. Angry at my messed up bedroom, I'll close my eyes, grab a book and my phone then proceed to lie down on the bed.

Babar with a pink suit will cover my sight and I shall read my book in peace. Ah! I forgotten something. My bag for the next day. I then will stand up, half a sleep and get all the books ready. Done that, back on the bed then I'll be sound asleep.

Four hours later, a knock on the door. Thump Thump Thump. Wake up! Wake up! Get ready for school. A sleepy me will then continue sleeping for 5 minutes. Thump. Thump. Thump. Another wake up call? Urgh.

05 February 2010
10:08 PM 0 Comments

I haven't blogged for what? A few days but still, I didn't.

To be honest, I'm only blogging today because I need to release stuff.

Today, at tuition we were told to make a decision. Originally, my class is from 6 til 7. Mr.V then asked us if we wanted to take the 6-7 slot or 7-8. The form 4s. They have classes from 7-9. They complained. They said that they had to pray. Our reply? Okay. We'll change it. For them. So now, they have time to pray, they have time to eat. I then got in the car. What did I get? SHOUTED AT? Why you ask? Because they don't like the new schedule.

So basically, us Form 3s sacrificed our time. Made plans to go straight to the surau after tuition to pray. Decided to help the Form 4s. And what are we getting back? HATRED. Heh. Isn't life great?

01 February 2010
10:23 PM 0 Comments

Ignore the clip, I just like the song.

Let's get through the convos first
MT: Okay, what is the father's name?
AH: Mr Long Legs
MT: Mr Long Legs?
AH: I'm only messing

AH: Cikgu, kalau join these two together boleh?
CS: Boleh. Jadi toilet unisex

AH: *sleeping*
AI: (Real deep voice) Warabbuka... warabbuka...
AH: *jumps*

CA: Okay, sapa boleh bagitau the transportation inside a plant
AH: Cikgu, transportation eh cikgu?
CA: Yes
AH: Erm.. naik lori... dengan kontena.
CA: :|

CA: How do plants transport water?
AH: Guna hose!
CA: Asma ni tak habis-habis.

CR: Dulu-dulu orang guna bijih timah sebagai bahan bungkus. Sekarang guna plastik
HS: Plastik? Contohnya
CR: Macam dulu-dulu orang guna tin untuk bungkus, sekarang diorang masukkan dalam plastik
AH: *shakes head*
CR: Okay, contoh. Tau milo?
AH: *nods*
CR: Dulu-dulu guna tin kan?
AH: *nods* Sekarang diorang guna paket
CR: Ha tuu
AH: *shakes head*
CR: *shakes head*
AH: OHHHHH! Packets made out of plastic.
CR: Ye
EE: Ooooo
Done with that. Need I say more? Probably yes.

Best day of tuition, today? I think so. While waiting for CR to come in, R started writing everything we said on the board. F joined in and soon H. We had a board full of names and sentences. 15 minutes well spent.