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Asma Hamid

I'm the anon that stalks on you. I'm the anon that insults you. I'm the anon that gives you crappy advice. I'm the anon that you fight with. I'm the anon that talks true shits. And I'm the anon that you didn't know.

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BTW, just because the layout is pink, it doesn't mean I like pink.
22 November 2010
Raya Haji
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Raya Haji was aite. Eh wait, it was awesome cos of all the ketupats there were. On Raya Haji, I ate ketupat for breakfast, lunch and dinner cos I'm me like that. So that morning, I went to pray at the mosque and it was well awkward cos we had to shake hands with everyone and they'll be looking at me like I'm some kind of an alien. Like OMG, at least I went to pray.

After that, stuff happened... yeah. I didn't see any cows getting slaughtered this year and I'm grateful for that. My grandparents made KAisyah, Hakim and I practice 'tawaf'. We kept getting told off cos we were messing about and we kept doing it wrong. The doas are well long.

19 November 2010
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You wanna know what I've just realised?

In life, we will have different groups of friends just like how we have different groups of families.

We have our original family which includes our parents, brothers and sisters. Then we have our grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins from our mum's side. We have our grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins from our dad's side. Later in life, we'll have a husband, kids and grandkids. We will also get a mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

And after family comes the friends. Friends. I have many groups of friends. I have my childhood friends. I have friends from Cheetwood. I have friends from SMM. I have friends from the other parts of the UK. I have friends that are my parent's friend's kids. I have friends from clubs. I have friends from SKWJ. I have friends from Sect 5. I have scout friends. I have friends from BRP. I have debate friends.

But right now. I have three groups of friends and all of them give a big impact in my life. I have Nina and Munirah. I have Iman, Susu and Ana. And finally, I also have the Boogles as friends. Just like how we have different families, each groups of friends are like different family to me. All of them are equally important but just wouldn't mix in well if they were to go together.

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"After PMR, you can do whatever you want to do but right now, you have to study''
What a load of bs.

Judge. Assume. Blame. Insult. Accuse.
Because those are the only thing humans are good at. I'm aware that I'm not as great as all of you, I hope you have a good life. Live it well.

14 November 2010
Malam Kebudayaan (Pengakap)
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Yesterday was awesome. That is it.

Aisyah and I arrived at 5 something and straight went to register. After that, we went to the field to hang around as the others except Meor were there. Soon after, Aniq came and since we were proper bored, we decided to wonder about.
Aniq: Weh, register kat mana?
Meor: Dekat dalam sekolah.
Aniq: Teman aku!
Meor: Tak nak, kau pergi lah sendiri.
Aniq: Tak pe ah ada Asma. Asma, jom?
Meor: Weh, tak pe lah, aku teman kau.
We ended up at this one place where they sold drinks and all. On the way back to SMK Padang Tembak, we stopped by at the shops to get snacks. We proceeded to walk back. Once we were back, the others were all ''Korang pergi mana?", "Pergi tak ajak", "Dah lambat dah ni" and KPau was like "Korang guna duit kak pau eh?".

We made our own group. Aisyah, Meor, Aniq and I. We were waiting for Kat and Ajwad. They came after Maghrib. When we went to pray, the electricity went off and I was bloody shocked. I ended up shivering. LOL. But it was nothing. Apek from Kencana was there and he remembers me. I saw him first and I knew I saw him somewhere before and I was asking him if it was him. That don't make sense.

After all of that, we made a big horse shoe. OH YEAH, I FORGOT. It was suppose to be a campfire but it was raining but the show has got to go on so we ended up doing it in the hall. So once we did that big horse shoe, we messed about, had the open ceremony and then we ate (I think). I didn't eat my food because I'm not that into noodles. They took the egg I got because they were given a different type of noodle. I helped Kat fold sheets of paper for a bit. Abg Udie then came and he was all "Suara Asma boleh dengar dari Sect 5". Tau lah rindu, cakap je lah. :P

They called us back and the shows started, it was fun. I got bored after the second performance though. The organisers made up stand up and dance in between the performances, I bet they knew that we were getting bored. Heh. Heh. Heh. Tepuk kickapoo was funny and the one where everyone had to gelek. I didn't do it. LOL.

After a few more performances, it was our turn. NO OFFENCE EVERYBODY but I think that our/my group's performance was the best. *looks down* We started off with acting. People coming in as pondans (I totally went against it) but they thought it was funny so that was alright. Meor then started singing ilhamku and I've got to say, his voice was nice. I stopped his singing in the middle of that to call Kat out so she would sing. We gathered around her and heard her sing. The Kelanas then joined in making cute faces and there was this one time when they were staring and Kat and one by one they fell. IT WAS EFFING CUTE.

After she finished, we all got everyone to stand up and did the pesta clap. Thank God everyone joined in if not it would be awkward. When we wanted to sit back the kelanas stopped us and asked us to clap again (group's clap) and when we did, they clapped back. So in the end we had like this clap war. They ended it with Tepuk Sayonara. -.-'

We went back to the horse shoe shape after that to get our badges. I was standing at one of the place and suddenly, Abg Udie squished in beside me and from behind, Abg Azwan started to squish at the other side of me so in the end I went back and then they decided to get me out of the circle. Veri nais of yu gaiz, veri nais. When someone went to get our badge for us, we tepuk-ed 'usha nakal' which was kind of funny at that time... to me.

The whole big massive event ended up with pictures. And that was how last night went for me and it was AWESOME. Kay bye. :)

10 November 2010
11:24 PM 0 Comments

Long time ago, I used to go around saying that I want to be a graduate of MIT. I changed my mind. Actually, I actually do want to be a graduate of MIT but I'm going to put my expectations a bit lower and I've decided that I want to either go to Seoul National University or KAIST if I don't get into MIT. And I'm pretty sure that unless I'm a genius, no scholarship will send me to MIT.

SNU's ranking is the 9th in Asia and 50th in the whole world which is impressive because you couldn't see any university in Malaysia that could top that. Under engineering, it's the 6th in Asia and 38th in the whole world. KAIST's ranking is the 79th in the whole world and 24th under engineering.

It would be easier to get into those universities with the level of smartness than trying to get into MIT but MIT would always be my first choice. So thereyar. I would probably change my mind in a few years but that's what life is about. Who knows, I might want to go to Antarctica and take zoology or I might go to Germany and take social studies but for sure, I don't want to stay here and take engineering and I don't want to go to the UK. In 2/3 years time, I will need something new to fit in with.

1) MIT
3) SNU

07 November 2010
9:04 PM 0 Comments

I'm a fag.

You know what? I don't like doing something new. You wanna know why? Because I don't like it when people take me for granted.

Say one day, I rub the whiteboard. The day after that people will expect me to rub it and so I will. Then if I don't do it the next day, they're going to ask me to do it and in the end that will be my job for the rest of my life. And imagine if I die the day after that, they'll probably be sad because there's no one to rub the board any more and not because of me not being alive.

So yeah.

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I'm a SAD SAD SAD SAD SAD SAD kid. Serious shit.
I couldn't even keep a bloody promise TO MYSELF. I don't know what sup with the capital letters. I had a BBQ, I bet you couldn't remember that. I bet you couldn't even remember what the eff PMR is. Oh and OMG.
What is happening to me?

Oh and the other day, my mates and I launched a rocket. AWESOME INNIT. And then we made a tower but it fell when the judges were checking it out. I played scrabble with Iman and won. I also played LIFE and won. Campfire next week, WHEEE.

Im going to regret acting like shit right now.

This post don't even make sense.