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In Louisiana

Asma Hamid

I'm the anon that stalks on you. I'm the anon that insults you. I'm the anon that gives you crappy advice. I'm the anon that you fight with. I'm the anon that talks true shits. And I'm the anon that you didn't know.

absoluteloud-ness: 2006-2008
iztele: 2009

BTW, just because the layout is pink, it doesn't mean I like pink.
29 April 2010
10:00 PM 0 Comments

We won to Bukit Gading.
We lost to Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh.
Jaafar was well annoying making faces.
Shah was... well, annoying too.
And they're so rude accepting and declining POIs.
And they keep on laughing every time.
I felt like whacking them.
But they are cool.. I guess.

People kept asking me if I was wearing fake specs.
a) I'm not that lame to go around wearing fakes
b) My specs are cool
c) I'm no lumberjack, I'm from 13 Ghosts.

I wanna stop tuition at the one I'm currently at.
Only if I'm allowed though which I do hope so.
Because I'm tired of the daily
''If you don't stop with the attitude, I can stop you.''

Every morning when I wake up
It always seem as if I didn't have enough sleep
Then I continue my sleep in school
Which is not cool
I'll have circles under my eyes
And it doesn't go unnoticed
Which is kind of embarrassing

Oh and my lens broke. WICKED right?

Life sucks and I'm loving it.
I'm not.
I need depression pills.
Or someone please pause the time.

I just want to go back home.

22 April 2010
Proud? Yes.
11:20 PM 0 Comments

Last night, I stayed up until 2am and I would be lying if I say that I regret doing that. K.Aisyah was helping me out with my debate speech until she didn't get to the hers. Which is making me feel guilty.

Moving along, today was wonderful. Besides what HD did to me. Malay was really fun, though. We all had to make a mock debater IN MALAY. Syaza and I were of course in. I mean, with my real bad Malay and all. I POI-ed the first speaker of the government and they didn't decline or accept but instead they held up their hand in a wait-a-minute sign. The members of the floor then told me to sit down. Tell me Madam Speaker, since when were they allowed to shout at me telling me to sit down. But then I sat down... and stood up again. A few times at that. Actually... until he finished his speech. I was hackling. That was hackling, right?

After the bell rang, people were telling me how I have to be more formal in my speeches. This is a mock debate for the fun of everyone. If you do not like my malay, why didn't you want to replace me? Syaza, Divya and I were the only people that wanted to be in. If you're so good, I beg you to try.

During Civics, everyone went to the library. I was sleepy so I slept. In the library. At one point, HD whacked the table I was sleeping on and I was shocked. This made me wake up and straight jump. Got a head ache after that. He didn't even say sorry. Yes, it was a dare but then he could've said sorry. Instead of saying sorry, he shouted at me. Whose fault was it? His. Who was pissed at me? Him. The guy's mind is corrupted.

Then Hana, Jehan, K. Aisyah, Iman and Alicia squished each other at the back of the car and we went to Kopitiam Bangi, my house and back to school. I arrived and Syaza was carrying a stick waving it at me saying how I was late. She then started to beat me up. My back is very sore and I think there's a splinted on my left hand when I tried stopping her. She didn't stop. Everyone just crowded, no one wanted to help me. My friends were there but they didn't do anything, that was when I realised that I was imagining it.

We debated and everything. IT WAS FUN. I didn't get to say everything I wanted to say but it doesn't matter. We crossed floor and went out. We were called back in after 10 minutes and she was like
"What we are sure right now is that, Natasha, Syaza, Asma, Hashra and Hidayah will be going to the district debate competition."
And right then, I was so happy because I reached my goal even though I went for the tryouts twice. But I wouldn't be joining them. Shangeetha will. That is because I will be going to Langkawi in about 1 hour and in order for me to be in the group, I will have to be in school on Saturday. I don't really mind not going. I mean, I'm proud of myself. I'm proud that I got to this level. I was able to prove people wrong. I proved that I was and still am basically... great. Haha.

I slept in tuition because I swear to God, I couldn't keep my eyes open. And guys, no, I am not getting a cold, having a fever or ill. My head just hurts. I feel as if I banged my head on the wall loads of times. And it's only on one side. But anyway...

Goodbye BRP, Hello Awana.

21 April 2010
10:14 PM 0 Comments

Yesterday's Geo Topic : Ikan bakar dengan budu
Today's Geo Topic : Ayam hutan percik

School was school but....

We made fire, we started cooking tomyam with them artificial crab balls. Yu Xi Yu made the fire, we just helped out. *nods* I then dropped a tomyam cube and the crab balls in water and then cooked it. In the end, I only ate one and a half crab balls because Ken stole the other half. -.-' Seriously gonna call him a food nicker or something. He wasn't the only one though, people came up to me trying to take it. Tight kids.

Basically, it was all so fun that I am so sleepy and tired right now but I still have to prepare for debate tomorrow, finish of my report and my english. Which is gay because I want to sleep. But... I've got to do what I've got to do.

19 April 2010
11:03 PM 0 Comments

I went to Pavillion... for the first time ever, yesterday. Brought back home 2 dark 'denim' trousers/pants. One Utama is more fun beside, if I were to go to Pavillion by myself, I would probably need a tour guide.

Today, I was given another chance in debate. I went for last week's tryout and I failed so MT gave me another chance. Suprisingly, I got in. I was first speaker of the government team. *cough* PN consulted us one by one which is really cool because we would know what we have to improve individually.

''You have talent'' - PN
Tuition was alright. KAisyah was with Muaz while waiting for me.
F: Muaz's cute not like his sister.
I was told that Muaz looks like me. So if Muaz is cute, I'm cute too. (Okay, perasan gila) I'm only messing.

Mami's not well, she's ill. SHE MISSES HAKIM THAT MUCH?
Hopefully, the sky will still be smoky in Europe.
Then we can go visit Hakim this Friday.


14 April 2010
right round
9:46 PM 0 Comments

School was school.

Main Geography topic: Mee Bandung Muar
Main objective: Make everyone hungry

Which was weird? Or not. For ILS, we all had to go to the workshop downstairs. I went down the stairs between block B and C. Then I pulled Syaza and we went down the other one because of a particular reason.
ILST: Tengok, baguslah formen kamu, tunggu semua orang ambil baru dia ambil.
Me: =D
We had PE after that and I sat down and chatted because I was too lazy to go around jumping. During break time, me and Syaza went walking around. I miss that. =D We straight went up when the bell rang. Geo then BM. We just read during BM. I slept for a bit because I was so bloody sleepy. Then came Science. What happened in Science? Right. Nothing. But but, the seedling my group had grew like real nice. Better than everyone elses'. Which is wicked.

I went home and came back for scouts. SCOUTS = WELL SICK. We had to light a fire using 10 match sticks and wood. Me, Ken and this Form 4 dude were in one team. We were like last. But our grass-burn pattern was wicked. We have to make Tom Yam next week. Eeek. Can't wait!

I just had steak. Too much = Me F-ingLP.

13 April 2010
4:35 PM 0 Comments

I was pissed this morning. Sometimes, I wish that K.Aisyah would go to school by bus so Papa will only have to send me to school. Because I get really pissed every time I'm late. And usually, the reason I'm late is because of K.Aisyah. I also lost my wallet/purse. Thank God I took my 20 out.

I had to do some essay during Malay. And I totally hate that. Art was alright, I guess. I'm gonna miss my art teacher though. She's so cool and nice to me though not many people agree with me on that. Break time was just like that. During IE, I fell asleep. K.Aisyah then came and asked for money. DUDE, TELL ME, HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU HAVE TO ASK MONEY FROM ME? I'M NOT YOUR MONEY VENDOR plus you don't pay me back. After that, we had Geography.

Then finally math. Amman kept telling me how he wants me to move class and all.
MT=Maths teacher
MT: He's really going to miss you, Asma.
Me: *nods* I know.
Am: No.. I can't wait for her to go.
MT: hahaa. sure.
Me: Just wait, Amman.
Papa then picked me up so I didn't have to stay back. THANK YOU, PAPA. :D I don't like staying back anymore. Staying back is annoying these days. I went for Sofball and Faiz threw a ball and it hit my arm. OUCH, anyone?! Al-F then kept telling me how I'm suppose to catch properly. -.-' Sure, sure, I'll catch properly next time. *makes a really bored face* I then tried batting. Didn't hit any, at all. I was well good at cricket, alright? Fine maybe not 'well' good. But still good. Okay, fine. URGH.

12 April 2010
what? *sleeps*
10:30 PM 0 Comments

Blogging on a regular basis again. Not everyday, twice in a week or something. Okay, that is not regular.

There was a prefect something something before. Nawal and I were like ''Okay.. tepuk!'' and we were clapping. It was kind of stupid. But yeah. Syaza was sleeping behind us. Pfftthh, not unusual. I'm used to it anyway. She went home after assembly stating that she was ill. Long time ago, when we were hurt, Mrs Smith would call our parents up.

And then and then, during lunch time, if Mrs Smith and Mrs Lewis had something to do, Morgan and I would go to the office and answer the phone. IT WAS WELL WICKED. I wish we could do something like that here. But you know, they wouldn't trust me. Not even with an angelic and innocent face like mine. Heh. Heh. (pukes)

During break time, we sang Happy Birthday to Jehan. And like normal, some jealous people had to mock us. But who cares right? We got the cake and they didn't. The guys are disgusting. Cut a slice and poof all gone. Then they end up with cake-covered fingers.

Anyway, umm.. I felt as if I was on the monthlies before. I was all happy before IE then I didn't feel like talking afterwards... so I didn't. AR was all annpying me so I ended up ignoring him which I don't do often.

Tuition was cool. New add ons. Bloody crowded now. I wish it was like long time ago, H, J, F, R, H, R, G, M, G, S, L, X, X and myself.

11 April 2010
Rollerblades... no.
9:55 AM 0 Comments

I went to Skateline yesterday, I arrived and started checking out the skates. They guy then came up to me and asked me how much do I know about rollerblades. I obviously answered non. Then the guy told me not to buy any. But I'm gonna buy it. Sooner or later. =D

I don't actually get what the guy was trying to say. He told me not to buy rollerblades but I WANT ONE. Then he told me the difference between cheap skates and the not-so-cheap skates. Then.. I don't get the guy. Honestly. Then he searched for K2's rollerblade that is my size. He found one. I asked him about Rollerblade's and he said that I shouldn't buy those ones because the spare parts are hard to find.

Now tell me, what am I suppose to buy? My dad was saying how Skateline wants people to use skates properly not just for a one time sport. Yano what I mean? Like you rollerblade for real and not like once in your life time. BUT I WANT ROLLERBLADESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

09 April 2010
10:02 PM 0 Comments

A'ah, aku rindu adik aku.

5:20 PM 0 Comments

I wanna blog in malay today.

Nak kekalkan bahasa ibunda. Haha. Lawak kan? Okay, tak lawak.

Sekolah dah semakin boring, aku dah semakin malas. Malas nak blog. Malas nak tulis panjang-panjang. Kat sekolah dah cukup dah perah otak. Ni ada satu karangan lagi belum siap. Kan senang kalau semua kerja boleh guna laptop. Tak perlu susah-susah tulis dengan tangan. Beli seminggu, satu tape warna putih. Dakwat pen pun dah dekat habis.

Sebernanya, aku blog hari ini pun sebab nak kutuk orang. Ceh, tak ada kerja kutuk orang dalam blog. Depan-depan cukup, betul tak? Tak lama lagi, kena tukar kelas. Sumpah tak suka. Dah 2 tahun sama kelas dengan mamat kecoh. Nanti mesti rindu. Tu lah kan? Yang selalu kita kutuk tu lah yang nanti kita rindu.

Okay. Sambung nanti. Nak kena mandi untuk pergi tuition.

Baru balik. Malas nak makan. Heh. Heh. Sah, sah nanti kena panggil. Apa.. emm..? Ha! Minggu depan kot pindah kelas. Kawan dah ada. Persekitaran baru, cikgu baru, ni yang tak suka ni. Aku memang susah nak biasakan diri dengan orang. Dulu-dulu, bila baru balik, susah gila lah. Benci kelas, benci sekolah.. benci negara pun pernah kot. Kunci diri dalam bilik en, tak nak pergi sekolah. Lepas itu, bila kena pindah dari Seksyen 5 ke BRP, lagi lah sakit hati. Sampai-sampai, boleh katakan aku tak cakap. Kalau cakap pun, mesti dengan Qamaryna... sampai dia benci aku. o0. Ni nak pindah sekali lagi. Tahun depan, insyaAllah nak pindah sekali lagi. Nanti Form 5 pun kena pindah. Aku tak suka lah pindah-pindah. Menyusahkan diri je. Tapi, dalam hidup kan kene menganjak ke depan. Ada ke perkataan menganjak. Meh, sapa kisah.

Nanti sah-sah rindu classmate. Kalau perempuan semua satu kelas, okay juga tapi ni, ada yang akan ke RK1 ada yang akan ke RK2. Tapi aku tahu siapa yang aku takkan rindu. Minah kepoh dan mamat gelabah. Tu memang lah aku takkan rindu. Tadi dah lah mamat gelabah tu nak cari gaduh ngan aku. Minah kepoh, tak payah lah cakap. Harap-harap aku bukan satu kelas dengan dia. Selamba gila aku kutuk, en?

03 April 2010
1:49 PM 0 Comments

I wonder why I never thought of blogging yesterday.
I spent my day in McDonalds with Hana... doing our folio. *looks around* Heh. Heh. Refilled like gazillions of times and I finally got my fries and ice cream. Really nice when you eat it together. :)
I saw Sadiq, Farah and their friends. Heh. Heh? I straight went to tuition after that and... then Hana came over to my house because her mum was in Subang.

Okay. That was what happened.