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Asma Hamid

I'm the anon that stalks on you. I'm the anon that insults you. I'm the anon that gives you crappy advice. I'm the anon that you fight with. I'm the anon that talks true shits. And I'm the anon that you didn't know.

absoluteloud-ness: 2006-2008
iztele: 2009

BTW, just because the layout is pink, it doesn't mean I like pink.
31 December 2010
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Now I'll tell you what I actually got from this year.

This year, I realised however hard we try to keep something, if it wants to go, it'll go. If there are not enough poles supporting a building, it will collapse. If there are not enough will, it's not going to happen. So unless you're really sure you can do something, don't do it cos it's just not going to happen but give everything a chance.

Oh, if you were to stare at something you hate, for a long time, you'll end up liking it. Let's say you don't like your phone but you keep on using it, in the end, you'll start liking it. If you hate kpop and one day, you try and gave it a chance, you'll get addicted to it.

Don't expect too much. Never expect too much. You'll just end up disappointing yourself. It hurts more than cutting yourself. I swear, just stop expecting. Daydream all you want but never expect your daydream to happen. Somin like that.

Sometimes, all you have to do is just sit alone. You'll be okay longer than you think. Lay down on your bed earlier than you usually do and just lay there and think of happy thoughts. Listen to calm songs and you'll be all right. Cry if you want to because sometimes, you just have to cry for no reason.

Plasters won't heal you. It would be better if you leave your cut out in the open than cover it up with a plaster. There's no hidden message. When you burn yourself, don't straight run it under water. Give it some oxygen. Give it time, even if it is for 10 seconds.

Get rid of your egoness. Ego makes people mad, upset and everything else. It's alright to have pride. Your ego will hurt other people, your pride would hurt yourself. Try thinking about other people rather than yourself. Although thinking about yourself is cool.

Don't ask for stuff if you didn't do anything to deserve 'em. You'll end up feeling guilty over it.

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Which was the best month for you? January
Which was the worst? October
What was the most significant thing that happened this year? Aisyah and Hakim leaving
What person had the most impact on your life this year? Iman
What was the best concert that you attended? Youtube concert
What was your biggest challenge of 2010? Changed class
Your biggest regret? Not blogging
What moment stands out to you the most? When I went to Singapore
What band did you listen to the most? Westlife, The Hush Sound and Boyzone
On a scale of 1-10, 2010 was 1

Did you….

Meet anyone special? Yes. Eh no.
Get close to someone you didn’t expect to? Yes.
Have a boyfriend or girlfriend? No
Have a relationship for more than 3 months? No
Hook up with anyone, no strings attached? No
Experience the death of a loved one? Yeh
Get in a fight? Yes
Lose a friend? Yes
Get drunk? No
Regret doing something? Yes
Go to a concert? No
Fall in love? No
Fall out of love? No
Get back together with an ex? No
Enjoy being single? Yes
Accomplish a goal? No
Learn something new? Yes
Get arrested? No
Break up with someone? No
Get a tattoo? Mo
Go to a party? class party

Your favorites of 2010

Favorite CD (released in 2010): Still 2PM - 2PM
Favorite CD (not released in 2010): Where We Are - Westlife
Favorite song: Too many
Favorite movie: Harry Potter (shocking for me)
Favorite person to talk to: Nina Abdul
Favorite thing to do: Lay around and not think
Favorite TV show: Amazing Race
Favorite memory: Getting myself messy with cupcakes
Favourite feeling: PMR ending. yes, it's a feeling
Favorite food: Medicine
Favorite drink: Medicine
Favorite outfit: The ones I bought from DP
Favorite actor: Seunggi
Favorite place to be: My room

The New Year

What will you be doing on New Year’s Eve? Iunno, what do you think?
Will you kiss anyone at midnight? no
Who do you WANT to kiss at midnight? no one, thanks.
What is your New Year’s resolution? To atleast know the basics of korean, to actually really study and to get something because of my hard work.
Did you keep your resolution from last year? Yeh.
Do you think things will be different in 2011? I just don't want a crappy year.
What do you want most out of 2011? For it to be a good one
Do you think 2011 will be better than 2010? I just want it to
Anything you are particularly looking forward to? End of year holidays.

4 Final Quotes / Lyrics / Comments to describe 2010:

► Life sucks, what else is new? That's tough.

► Shit happens and then you die.

► We're so vain we even care about the thoughts of people we don't care for.

► Just. Go. Home. K thank you.

9:45 PM 0 Comments

January - Seemed fun when I reread my posts. I got closer to Iman then. Helped her out with baking. First month of school in 2010 and Q wasn't there with us.

February - I stopped blogging every day. Heh. Heh. But I was still in 3A, sitting next to Amman, having a blast, forgetting the world. Life started getting boring too.

March - Started debate... I miss those days. :( Hakim went to Langkawi. Arwah Wak Umi passed away and I got my callsign.

April - Did my folio with Hana. Jehan's birthday?

May - RK. boo. I think I started missing 3A then. I started going all bitchy. WORLD'S MILK DAY o yeah.

June - Aisyah went to MRSM and Q came back but it wasn't the same.

July - I only had one post and it's not complete. How gay. OH SABAK BERNAM TRIP!

August - KL Scout's Anniversary celebration thingy. Went to Sarawak.

September - Sleepover at Iman's. PMR got real close. I was so scared for my history. Oh and Papa's birthday.

October - PMR and my really upsetting birthday cos it was during PMR. gay gay gay.

November - Started with all them kpop stuff. Probably the best thing that have ever happened this year. HEH. HEH. HEH. Campfire thingy.

December - Holiday. Singapore. Sleepovers and everything nice excluding the fact that I got tired of having KAisyah and Hakim around.

9:37 PM 0 Comments

I'd say 2010 is second, 2007 being first worst year of my life. 2010 means a lot to me. I've been through shit this year. Although I've gotten myself a new group of best friends but this year... is just not my year.

I haven't blogged much. That's sad. 100++ out of 364 days. I feel like crap because of that. I don't even know how to end this blog. I remember having loads of end of year posts last year. I'm not going out. I'm not going to watch the fireworks on TV, I'd rather listen to korean songs drowning myself in solitude. I don't see why I even have to wish this year goodbye.

But in the end, when I grow up later, if I had no this year, I would be a year younger than other people the same age as me. Heh. Heh. Heh. Not funny.

12:13 PM 0 Comments

It's coming to an end. I have uncompleted posts. But I'm gonna fill it up later.
I have school next week. Bitches love school. I don't.

29 December 2010
8:55 PM 0 Comments

Khuntoria. It bothers me so much and I don't know why.

And so I was watching Invincible Youth and Victoria from f(x) was there. And I couldn't help but feel like punching her. I dislike every bit of her. But that's probably cos she's in WGM with Nichkhun.

All through the show, I was like ''She needs a punch," "she's such an attention seeker," "she's not even pretty," and "she should go die."

She doesn't deserve Nichkhun. Nichkhun is too cute for her.

It didn't bother me when Hyun Joong had to be Hwang Bo's 'husband'. And I like(d) Hyun Joong way more than I like Nichkhun. But I think it didn't bother me cos Hwang Bo is waayyyy too old for Hyun Joong. But then I liked Crown J and In Young.

I can't believe I'm blogging about korean stuff. OMO.

Kay bye.

SS501, 2PM, SNSD and Seunggi. <3

Sleepover with Nina and Munirah
8:40 PM 0 Comments

We picked Munirah and Nina up at her dad's office and went to Sunway. We skated til like 2 o'clock then had Carls Jr. After that, we came back home. Nina and I watched all them KPOP stuff and it was fun. Heh. Heh. We made dumplings after that.
And then... we continued watching korean stuff. I went down to eat and found out that Aisyah and Munirah weren't at home. I tried my best to keep Nina upstairs. When they came back, we got everything ready and switched off the lights. We then called Nina down. She was surprised... I think. LOL.
Anyway, then we had cake. Oreo cheesecake. After that, we went to Aisyah's and prank called some people cos it's a sleepover.

The next day, I was the earliest to wake up. Nina caught me goggling at 2PM. Heh. Heh. Heh.
Nina: She woke up to watch that!
When Aisyah and Munirah woke up, they cooked for us. So we had food. We then wanted to watch a movie (Me and Nina) so we were going through all these korean movies and we ended up wanting to watch Baby And I. We called Aisyah and Munirah (they were upstairs).
Me: Do you want to watch Baby and I?
Aisyah: We're watching that.
Me: What?
Aisyah: We're watching it.
That was the awesome-st coincidence ever. So after we ate lunch, we watched it together downstairs, in front of the TV. We watched Baby and I, Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do and The Longest 24 months. And if you've watched them, you would know that Jang Geun Suk acted in all of them. Heh. Heh. Heh.

For dinner, we had KFC. We went to the one in The Store. And the woman who took our order and this other worker was down right rude. We wanted to complain so I took the slip but we had no pen. But seriously they were rude.

When we came home, Auntie and Uncle were waiting to pick them up. So they went home.

23 December 2010
10:01 PM 0 Comments

I cried even before I got to school. That's how much of a sissy I am.
Teacher then told me something even before I got my slip so I cried even more. I'm such a sissy.
After getting the slip, I straight went home, ignoring everybody who stopped me cos I'm not cool like that. We went out to eat and then I went to OU with everybody else.

Auntie Zaida belanja-ed for everything. Heh. Heh. After we bought the tickets, we went to Auntie Anne's and to pray. At 10 past 5, we waited outside although the gate was suppose to open at that time. We went in and my shoes got me trippin'. We watched this funny ghost story. It was cool. After that, we went home. Yeh.

And now I'm chatting to people. I'm even chatting to FR. :') I KNOW RIGHT, LIKE OMG.
(Nearly 12) AND AF! Cos I'm not gay. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Kay bye. Yes, I've already sujud syukur.

MY TUMBLR IS NOW SO SAD. I'm not lying. People who are emo can go through it and feel like suiciding. lol joke. And you know what, I cry every time I find out that somebody got straight As. Cos yeah...

Oh you know, when I didn't do good in UPSR, people were all like ''you still have PMR'' and now I screwed PMR, everyone's all ''PMR is nothing, just wait til SPM''.

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HARI TU PERGI SLEEPOVER RUMAH IMAN. We played that game. The one that you have to put your finger down if it applies to you. It was fun. Susu had to sing to someone, Iman had to change in 3 minutes and call someone saying that they called her, Ana had to brush her teeth while counting up to 100 and I had to... er... I had to do a prank call but then it was nothing cos the guy shut the phone. :D We then tried to sleep but we couldn't so we talked and when we found out that Ana slept, we got face powder and literally poured it on her face. It went in her nose.

We talked about boarding school. IMAN, I WISH YOU LUCK.

16 December 2010
Nadihah tagged me and forced me to tag others.
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25 facts about me

- I like it when it's gloomy, it makes me calm.
- I'm into boy bands even korean ones, now.
- I don't like wearing my specs eventhough it's cool.
- I'll think 5000 times to buy a shirt that costs RM100 but in a blink of an eye, I'll buy shoes that cost RM300++.
- I can't sleep with the light off.
- I have a wide imagination.
- I forget things easily.
- I won't do stuff that I want to do if I don't get enough support but I'll still do it... one day.
- The sun used to bug me.
- I'm planning on being single until university.
- My room's a mess.
- My computer's desktop is bloody clean.
- I used to hate Malaysia but with friends, I think it's aite now.
- I've always and still want to be a choreographer one day.
- I get shoes for my birthday, every year since I came back to Malaysia.
- I still go around and say that I wasn't raised in Malaysia even though I've been back for 5 years.
- I don't like it when it's noisy in the morning.
- I don't like getting told off but when I try not to, I usually mess up.
- I left behind so many friends.
- Some people are just straight out annoying to me.
- I don't like people who speaks Malay when they don't know how to and/or people who speaks English when they don't know how to.
- I'd rather regret not buying something than regret buying something.
- I want to be an Engineer, a top engineering school graduate and rich.
- I'm great at fake laughing.
- When it gets awkward, I'll leave.

9:12 AM 0 Comments

Everything was in the car... and then we couldn't find the car keys. And so we searched everywhere and in the end, we found it at the back of the car. I shall blame this all on Hakim. We went to my late aunt's house to sort out everything and went to The Mines with Abang Afiq. Had Starbucks and that hot and something wrap. LOL. While Mami gave a talk to Abang Afiq, the rest of us went around The Mines. After that, we went to Muar and er, we went out. To the beach and then to Giant to get some snacks.

We were in the car at half past 7. We went to Kota Tinggi for a wedding. We arrived around 11, I think. Stayed there 'til like 2. We went to Tebrau City after that. To get Papa's jeans. I got something too so that was aite. When we got real tired, we went to the place we were staying at. It was on the second floor so we had to walk up with our heavy bags.
We then went out again to erm... I couldn't remember. At all. This is bad, real bad Michael Jackson. I'm mad, real mad Joe Jackson. OMG! I KNOW. We went to KFC. Uhuh. And then I went on this machine, you know them massaging machine? The ones you have to put money in? Yeah, I went on one of them. It massages your ass too.
Oh anyway, when we came back home I ironed my clothes and all for the next day.

Woke up, slept again, and then woke up again. Got told off and then we went out for breakfast. After breakfast, we went towards Singapore. *grins* We then entered Singapore without any trouble and I slept on the way to USS. Once we've reached, I was beyond excited.

10 December 2010
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I don't really feel like going to MRSM now. I'm gonna miss my parents and my lil bro. And I'm gonna miss going on holiday without KAisyah and Hakim. Heh. Heh. Heh. But I'll still go if I get in.

Well yeh. story of my life.

08 December 2010
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I went to Kelab Rahman Putra today. I brought the Lenovo. I was on facebook and tumblr until 10 and then we all went to play squash. All as in Marcella, Q, Syaza and myself. It was fun but I lost my touch. Pffttthhh.

You know how sometimes, your heart get real weak when you see someone you really like. Yeah, it happens every time I see them. And it hurts knowing that I'm probably never going to see them. OUCH. I think I fancy them or something. LOL. (Smirks like HyunJoong)

12:01 AM 0 Comments

I've just realised something about myself. I don't know if it's new or if I've always felt like this but I've just realised this.

I like being alone. I like it when people just don't talk to me. I like it when I don't have to do stuff for other people. I like it when I don't have to show an expression on my face just to show other people how I feel. Yeah, I like it like that.

Sure, I'd like to socialise now and then but I like it when I'm alone. Let's say that my friends want to go out every single day in a whole week, I'd probably just go for 3 days and the rest, I'll just stay at home. Do my own thang.

Don't you just get annoyed when you're around loads of people 24/7 even though they're your best friends? I mean, when you're around them, wouldn't you suddenly just keep quiet because there's nothing else to say. That would lead to awkwardness, innit? Won't you get tired of trying to talk to people, hang around with them all week long? Cos I think I would. But probably that's just me.

At 11, I went downstairs... everyone was upstairs. So I went downstairs to watch the TV and I enjoyed it. I mean, laughing by myself, not having to show false feelings. It's really fun. I felt as if I was free. I think I've been acting around people too much.

Smiling. I don't smile when there's nothing to smile about but people they can't just accept that. They'll say that I'm too serious or I'm too cranky. Say you were at your hairdresser's and she's doing your hair, would you smile from when she started cutting until she finishes. Yeah, I don't think so. But if you would, I suggest you to go to the mental hospital or at least visit a psychiatrist straight after you've done your hair.

06 December 2010
Guilty pleasure.
10:26 PM 0 Comments

I have a massive problem right now.

Number 1, tumblr ain't working.
Number 2, I'm too obsessed with SS501.

Tumblr has been 'down' since this morning so I couldn't even go on it. I was downright bored.

SS501. I know I shouldn't be looking at guys, am I right? I mean I can but not too much, right? But honestly, I couldn't resist. I don't know what's wrong with me. Right now, they are like how Dream Street was to me long time ago. I just can't stop, you know what I mean. Like before, I was sleeping and I dreamt that they were all giving me a private concert. Now do you know what I mean? Gosh, life is hard.

I am on the 15th episode of 'We Got Married' and to say something, I made the right choice of not choosing Hyun Joong. Hyun Joong, I don't know where to start with him. Him as a bestfriend, that's aite... a boyfriend, that would be alright cos he's hot and all but totally, never ever a husband. I just don't know what to say but he's cute... and yeh. (smiles dreamily)

Now you tell me how am I suppose to resist from watching these lads.

05 December 2010
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I was told that I don't smile enough

04 December 2010
11:34 PM 0 Comments

If I could, I would like to hire a blogger that would blog about my life. I would also like to repeat this year again so that he/she could just record every single bit of my life from how many times I went to wee right until how many rice bits I ate because that would just be awesome. I don't write any more, I only reblog, make memes, take pictures and add a few words on them. Because right now, that is just me. I'm not liking it, even a bit. I feel lazy. I feel useless.

WHOOP. Okay I've got that done with.


I WENT TO QAMARYNA'S, on the 21st.
It was aite. Jehan didn't come, Hana lagi lah... pandai ingat HP lagi penting. She went to watch Harry Potter for the second time with her sisters. FAG. FAG. FAG. FAG. FAG. LOL joke. We played LIFE, watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid, ate and slept. I stopped by at speedmart on the way back cos I needed to get bread and tuna for the next day's lunch.

So on the 22nd, I WENT TO THE ZOO... with MOTHER(imoon), STEP-MOTHER(susuman) AND S (ana).
We all woke up at 5 that morning, to get the nuggets cooked and the sandwiches made. Iman and Farhana slept over. We took a shower after that and for the first time ever... ANA CAME EARLY. We were all well shocked. Anyway, so we went to Mak's house, went to the mamak down the road and then Kak Ngah sent us to the Zoo. Malaysia's National Zoo, btw.

I don't see why Malaysians are trying to attract tourist's attention because it's not possible. Well you see, a day before we went to the zoo, we decided to check up the price and all the information so we could plan out our day. We were on Google trying to find the zoo's official website and we found all right. But it was empty. So instead we went on some other websites and we found the entrance fees and all. So that was aite. But when we went to the zoo, the price was higher and we had to bring our ICs to get the one for Malaysians and knowing us 'kids', we don't bring ICs around. But she didn't even want our ICs. I have no point to proof.

So we went into the zoo. Iman all excited wanting to ride an elephant. I wasn't in the mood. None of us were... except Iman. We were all so sleepy... except Iman. She had CAFFEINE. CAFFEINE. CAFFEINE. She was down right high and we had to follow her. We tried to be. Oh and Ana brought perfume. Every time we went to a smelly place, she would take out her perfume and spray it. LOL JOKE. She would smell her perfume. Her life. Anyway, we then ended up at the aquarium. I didn't even know that they had them. I've never been there before. Sad life of mine. Anyway, after we went all around the aquarium, I started getting my hype back. We asked these two guys to take our picture and it turned out wicked. The sleepiness all gone. We ate and then we decided to get a ride on the tram that goes around the zoo.

While we were waiting in line, we decided to camwhore. This one foreigner told us to give our camera to her so we did and she took our picture. Well sick. And when we got on the tram, the driver did the same thing that foreigner did. Well nice. We went around and decided to drop by at my best friend's cage. Tigers. Tigers. And more tigers. This one guy got one of the tiger roaring. It was wicked. Anyway, we then got back on the tram and went around... and then we found out that we haven't been to a few places.

Because of that, we decided to walk there and I saw the bears (makes this really proud grin). It then started drizzling so we decided to walk back. OH AND ON THE WAY THERE, Ana saw a monitor lizard in the sewers and we took a picture of it to show to the zoo keeper. So we went to the entrance and Iman told this woman at the information counter. She called her supervisor and then the supervisor (this one woman) came down and met us. We told her and she was all ''we couldn't do anything about it because it's in the sewers and it's not ours''. She then asked us if we were zoologists. And I feel great cos that makes me feel proud as a scout.

It started raining but that didn't stop any of us... except Ana from taking pictures. When it really started to shower, we went under the canopy. Kak Ngah then picked us up and we went back to Mak's. We slept. And then we went back home.

From the start of the holiday til yesterday, I WATCHED DRAMAS, DRAMAS AND MORE KOREAN DRAMAS.
Coffee Prince and a few others.

On the 27th until the 28th, I WENT TO MUAR.
I went to my grandparent's house. Busu made a barbeque. We went to Nyai's house, someone kicked my slipper and since it was at night, I came back to my grandparent's with only one slipper. We had to go to this Umrah thingy.

On the 29th, I WENT TO MELAKA.
Mami had something going on in Melaka so we had to go. We left home and went to Jusco for lunch and then we sent Mami to UTeM and went to another Jusco near to that place. I got a shirt and 2 pants. We picked Mami up and were on our way back home. We stopped to get Satay and yeh.

Right after Subuh, I got ready and my dad and I went. We stopped by at the petrol station to buy bread for breakfast. I tried to get some sleep in the car but I just didn't. I think I was nervous or something. So we arrived in KKB and I went to this one computer room. The stairs to get to the computer room were bloody small, I could have slipped and died. The computer room was freezing. Maths was just plain hard but the rest were okay. Papa, KAisyah and Hakim picked me up and we went to Kopitiam Bangi. I then went home and not a single (swear word) was given for the rest of the day.

I went to the doctors that morning and then for the whole day, I hung around my mum's room/office. My mum was out so I watched Coffee Prince. Heck yeah life. I bought breakfast, lunch and snack all by myself cos I'm great like that. I had Shepherd's pie but I didn't like it that much but that don't matter. I had waffles as well.

That afternoon, I went to Mak's house. Slept over. We went out to eat A&W and to watch Harry Potter so that was what we did. Came back home at 12 midnight.

Since Mak didn't get to eat A&W, we went to wangsa walk. I went to the playground with Muaz and I climbed on them spider web thingy majigues. Then we went to the arcade and to eat. My mum picked us up and we went back home.

Went to buy my shoes but I didn't find the right one so I didn't get any. SOLEWHAT didn't stock up their nikes so nothing for me. I had Japanese for dinner. We went grocery shopping and then we went home.

On the 4th.... oh hold on, that's today.
Woke up, had Nasi Lemak and then cleaned up a bit. Got ready. Went to IIUM//UIA for a wedding and then went to Wangsa Maju to get scarves and stuff. I got 2 normal scarves and this thing shawl that could be turned into one of them table liners. LOL. Went around and around, bought drinks and then we went to Nina's... but I was asleep. We wanted Nina to come with us for a sleepover but her phone is off or something so yeh. She's not here. If she was, this thing would be left untouched.

Just then, I went to the store and I got my pants for scout cos the pants that I already have is real short and I'm tall. uhuh. I'm hungry. So hungry. My hands are tired. My brain is too.

02 December 2010
9:41 PM 1 Comments

How come you tell me off when I don't eat but you can let them off when they don't eat?