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In Louisiana

Asma Hamid

I'm the anon that stalks on you. I'm the anon that insults you. I'm the anon that gives you crappy advice. I'm the anon that you fight with. I'm the anon that talks true shits. And I'm the anon that you didn't know.

absoluteloud-ness: 2006-2008
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BTW, just because the layout is pink, it doesn't mean I like pink.
30 January 2010
9:15 PM 0 Comments

Because the day after tomorrow, my language teacher is gonna walk in class and go
"Baiklah semua, letak beg di bawah dan simpan semua benda kecuali barang tulis anda."
And then the whole class will go
"Alaaaa. Apani cikgu?"
My language teacher will then say
"Anda semua dilarang bercakap, edarkan kertas ini dan boleh mula menjawab kertas formatif tahun 2010."
Everyone will then whisper to each other
"Weh. Cikgu tak cakap apa-apa pun hari tu, kenapa ujian pula sesat?"
"Weh, kau dah study? Aku tak doh. Cikgu tak cakap apa-apa pun."
I will then freeze up and stare into space but not for long, Amman will nudge me and ask me to pass the papers. Then I'll go up to the teacher and say
"Cikgu tak cakap pun apa-apa."
My teacher will then say
"What are you on about? I told everyone the other day."
Then I'll go
"No, what are you on about. You never said anything to anyone."
After that, we'll have this big massive What are you on about argument.


I went out for breakfast. Ate Nasi Kerabu. Sorry to say, but it doesn't taste nice. Went to those plant shops.
A: P, lets get bamboos!
P: Dont want it
A: Why?
P: Ghosts
A: But auntie sebelah has 'em. Tak de apa-apa pun.
P: Are you sure?
A: Kuatkan iman ada.
M: Adik, iman papa dah kuat dah. Kalau tak dia tak boleh jaga adik.
A: o0 *laughs*
Had grilled chicken for lunch, kerepek siput for tea and potato wedges for dinner.

A: Ur missing out on chocolate cake
F: whathe not fair :(
A: Haha
F: why have u got chocolate cake?
A: Uh there's brownies too
F: why have u got thoseeeee?
A: Mak syamim kasi
A: We're celebrating
F: for?
A: The No Fuzah day
F: Not funny. -.-'
A: Hahaha funny as hell
F: no it aint.
I want candy cigarettes, curlywurly, yummy gummy, push pop, blow pop (without the nasty gum), bubble tape, bubbaloo, rock stick, aeros, snickers, time out and twix. All I actually want is a ticket to Manchester.


29 January 2010
Road run
9:22 PM 0 Comments

Today was fun but well tiring.

I got to school with the hama beads box and an iron. Aisyah.. I bet to stop herself from feeling all guilty, started making the hama beads. I went to line up, waiting for Iman. Then came all her stuff. I helped her carry polystyrene. Haha.

Then we went setting up. I went to get a table from a class. We then made the icing. Imagine me carrying a mixing bowl and a mixer and Iman carrying sugar, butter and weighing machine to a class. Funny sight? I think so.

We then started making the colour and started decorating. Loads of people bought cookies at first then teacher decorated some cupcakes saying that I decorated it ugly. *looks down* But the sold it. Coolest teacher ever? I think so. Miss Margaret and Miss Anny or something like that. *looks around* Haha. Then Ana went around selling cookies.

A: We made these with love
M: Well this was made with money
A: This is made by a student to the others
M: Well, next time.. let a pro handle it

We were fighting from the start until everything was cleared. Overall, we sold more. :) Cos Auntie only made a bit. We made loads.

After that Hana, Jehan, Ana, Iman and I started decorating. So decorated everything, while jumping and getting icing all over then went around selling. FAIL? Not so. Sold everything until we had to ask a few to go to our stall. Teachers were waiting at the stall, shouting orders at us. Haha. I didn't mind. It was funny.

So that's what we did. I got icing all over myself. At one point, when I went to sell cupcakes to Pn F, she scraped icing on my face and wiped it on my scarf. I was like ''Apa ni cikgu?", she laughed.

Someone stole a few hama bead. Am I pissed? Yes. The pengawas sukan then started playing with the iron. Pain in the butt hole.

We were selling and then there were no polystyrene left so Hana went to get it. She came back with Raqib and a case full of cupcakes. People were racing for it. Haha. Finally we were left with 2. For who? Ustazah. Then we were all so happy that Iman dropped food colouring. So Hana, Jehan and Iman splashed water all over it. Thank God it all came off. Finally, I sat and drank. My feet started to hurt.

KAisyah called Papa and when I saw Papa, I picked up the bag of hama beads and all and the bag ripped. I screamed and walked away. So pissed at myself. Hafiz, Hezrin, Hakim, Hiqmal and Haziqah helped picking up everything. THANK YOU!

Papa got us all Mackedees. Went home and ate then I slept. Hehe. Bloody tired alright. from 8 until 12, I didn't sit down.. AT ALL.

Hana lost her purse. Hana's phone screen cracked. People stepped on my shoe. I wanna cry. But I didn't. Yeah. Iman got more than she expects so yeah. Good for her.Next time, we will need a bigger working space. A ran and didn't take pictures. I bet S took pictures of his friends. I will leave them with teacher. :|


8:59 PM 0 Comments

School was normal.

During Agama, someone broke a chair. Got all the guys laughing. I don't see what's so funny. They wouldn't be laughing if it was them. I shall bring a screwdriver next week and unscrew all the guys' chair. That'd be wicked. So yeah, embarrassing. People outside were looking it... I couldn't have been more embarrassed. Everyone was so noisy until ustazah went ''YEYE!''. Hahaaa. She reminds me of Ustazah... what's her name? Gosh. I can't believe I can't remember her name. She was my Form 1 RE teacher. Totally the same.

During Geography, Pn A called me. She asked me to be the photographer for tomorrow. I couldn't.. I have to take care of a stall. She asked me to search for other photographers. Non. I couldn't find any. And then my last choice was S and A. I couldn't trust them tbh but I couldn't do anything. They're the only one I can find... I went back to class and Pn F was telling me on how I should, next time just not go out during her lesson. I asked her why she just didn't say no. She said because I should say it. She confuses me... but she's still cool.

During Civic, I didn't go to class.. cos I'm cool like that (yaw). I just killed it. LOL. I had to help teacher out. So yeah, I was in THE room. ;) Haha. No, I just killed it, again. Anyway.. I then went home. What did I do? Oh yeah.. I can't remember what I did. But I know that I didn't go to the road run practice, I mean, why should I? I'm not going to run anyway.

I had to go tuition. Went home at 9 and left everybody with a 'hang man'. *LMAO* I heard Jehan say it on the way down. Way to go, mate. I got back home and wanted to do the Hama Beads but I was so pissed. WHY? It was all Aisyah's idea and she ditched on me wanting to go to sleep. I was so so so so angry. Swear to god. I felt like battering her up... Okay. I wanna stop.

8:52 PM 0 Comments

So lesse what I did.

I skipped Science. They didn't do anything. Teacher didn't care. I went around stapling flyers with Iman. Skip Skip Skip. Let's just skip school?

So I didn't go back home... I went to.. IMAN'S! So I went to her house. We made a list of everything that we need to buy then we went to the shops. After that, we started with the cupcakes. It was well nice. :) Then I texted Kak Lang and asked her how to make the icing so we got on with that.

I forgotten that there's such thing as air pressure. I basically held the tip of the piping bag so the icing wouldn't go out. I pressed and I was wondering why it wouldn't go out. I let go of the tip and POOF. It went splattering on the floor. Anybody saying Oh-oh? We then decorated. No, it wasn't nice.

Then came the idea. We decided to make people decorate their own cupcakes. Cool? I think so. Iman then did the cookies and I had to go home.

I was jumpy all throughout the day. I was so excited... I don't know why.

27 January 2010
Today aswell
12:32 AM 0 Comments

No tuition today. Am I happy? I think so.

So I went to school... something happened. I won't mention here. No one saw except my friends anyway. I went to class and then found out that all the girls were suppose to go downstairs. So we did and after that was PE. They all played football. I played for a bit. They screamed like girls. They are girls but... ahh. Haha.

After PE was Maths followed by Geography. Then English. I had to go see the teachers that are organising the thingy this Friday. I saw MJ along the way. :) After that was Health Education. Then we all went home.

I slept. Bloody tired. No tuition today. I was so happy. I finished off my work. And my brother is so annoying. That's it I guess.

I'm suppose to write in an entry into my journal. I didn't do that. I did this instead. Why wouldn't she let the people who have blogs be excused from writing journals? Oh yeah.. in class.. I'm the only one. Sadly. Other people aren't as pro-active. I'm not like the rest.

*Run off*

26 January 2010
Yesterday's aswell
11:33 PM 0 Comments

Yesterday was Monday. I could not recall what I did yesterday. I guess I did not do anything. But I did do something. In fact I did like did did something but I could not remember. This is sad. I should be able to remember. I just checked yesterday's schedule. I did not do anything.

School was no fun. So I have decided to skip to tuition.

I came late because I had to wait for KAisyah to finish eating. Mami's car was stuck at Mak Zam's and because of that, we didn't eat at home. Papa dropped us at Rimbun and we ate. I ate Kuey Teow Basah without sayur. Which is wet keuy teow without veges. I couldn't finish it so I packed it up. We then went to tuition. I came in late and had to sit right at the front. I couldn't see the board. They finished off my skittles. :|

Hana threw me her correction tape which lead to it cracking. I don't like rolling it up so I gave it to Jehan. Somebody then put something in my pencil case. I don't like feeling guilty so I passed it to a friend. She then kept it for the rest of the time. The owner of that something took my other friend's phone. The owner was searching for that something. I then texted my other friend's phone telling the owner to quit searching.

It was annoying. The owner wouldn't stop asking people. I do not understand the owner's problem. That something was given to the owner at 10 o'clock.

How gay was my day?
Not so.

24 January 2010
Some people
11:26 PM 0 Comments

I had to take care of Muaz the whole morning. Tiring? Obviously. He wouldn't sleep. Like WTH? We then grilled chicken and Muaz again wouldn't let me eat in peace. Am I pissed? Yes. He wouldn't stop crying... but he is a kid.

I don't like it today. Today made me all pissed.

Oh and thank you for showing me how much you care. So if I was covered in boiling water, you'd like it? I'm glad you finally confessed.

Right now.. I'm bloody sleepy.
My bed has no covers on.
My school clothes aren't ironed.
My books are not in my bag.
My legs are killing me.

Oh and btw,

11:15 PM 4 Comments

Yesterday was average.

I wanted to stay asleep. I couldn't. SCHOOL. N is no longer a prefect. Because of one prefect... there's this one prefect, my opinion on the RKs totally changed. The ones that I know, I don't mind but the rest... I rest my case here. Anyway... we didn't learn much. Maths? Nope. Agama? Yeah. Geo? Obvi. BM? Nope... we called teacher after it was finished. Oops. Civics? We were given some paper to fill in. I didn't do it because we were discussing our BM Oral.

I came back home all tired. Jumped on the bed and fell asleep. At 3, Mami woke me up cos we had to go to Auntie Farid's house because it was Zainab's birthday. So I went. I ate Nasi Tomato, Lasagne, Chocolate Puff, Cheese tart, Egg tart, Chocolate cake and curry puff. Heh. Heh. Heh. *grins*

We went to OU and ate at BBQ Chicken. O0. I wanted to buy pumps but then they weren't comfy. I want to buy slip ons but I don't know where they sell them. I ended up with just food in my tummy.

I am like a MyLifeisAverage addict. Seriously. So I made AsmaHamid'sLifeisAverage. How original. Haha. But hey, atleast AHLIA has no lies like how half of MLIA.

23 January 2010
5:36 PM 0 Comments

I can't recall the stuff that happened yesterday.

Oh... I had to do a presentation. Yupp... I had to do that. Yeah... Hmm... What else huh? Nah.. can't remember anything..


So it finished at 9 but I had to stay til 10. And the shouters exc Q stayed with me. =D See what great friends I have.

M: What time balik?
H: 10

HAHAAA! See whatuh mean. Jehan, obviously stayed. :D She brought her netbook with no 3G so Hana and her went file surfing. English was a bore... no offence but seriously. At the last 10 minutes... we went... CAM WHORING but all the pictures are with Jehan. I wore my Team Manchester t-shirt, the one that I got from Judo and we were all showing our shirts like our other picture. And obviously... 1 t-shirt short.
R: Look at you guys.. wearing hoody.
H: Biarlah dorang.
R: Then tengok hana, lepak je pakai t-shirt... kan Hana?
H: Biarlah.. dosa aku en.
I love my friend(s).

21 January 2010
10:44 PM 0 Comments

Guess what? 21 days. 21 posts including this one. Told ya I'll make up for it.

Lesse... I made this one mind map for Civics and I showed KAisyah's friends and they were all like 'that is so childish'. Because of that, I made another one... I sent both in and guess which one got full marks?
Naib Pengerusi
Naib Setiausaha
That was last year's...
this year?
Everything went down the drain. Poor Asma. Whattodo? Whattodo.

Okay.. you know what? I keep getting all these random stuff sent to my formspring. Bloody weird. Erm.. I stayed at tuition until 10. It finished at 9 but then we had a choice. Sir let us stay so we did.
R: Asma, tak panas ke pakai hoody... and with your tudung semua.
A: -.-'
H: Dia kene tutup aurat.
A: (Y)


20 January 2010
I needa, I needa
10:36 PM 0 Comments

I need a piss.

Kay. Kay. Done. You know what I haven't done for a long time? Recap my day. So lesse.

This morning, I obviously woke up early. Nothing sore, thank God. Got to school and had to go to the whatchamacallit? Anyway, I went to scouts... like obviously. There was this female woof woof sitting behind me. I shall keep quiet about that. After the meeting.. all of us ambitious scouts stayed which isn't many. Lesse, Aisyah, her friends, Naqib, Yu Xi Yu and myself... we stayed discussing about Kem Keahlian. It started to rain so I went to class.

RE. Bla bla bla and suddenly Ustazah gave me a tenner. Haha. I answered a question and then she gave me a tenner. She asked everyone what is it called when someone doesn't believe in god and all. I answered.. Atheist, obviously. I got a tenner. New favourite Ustazah? I think so. Anyway, then I went up for History but after 1 period we had to go down for the dental check. I then hung around downstairs 'cos I ain't bothered going back up.

Break time came then it went. I now finally have a new seat. I am now sitting right at the front and not 3 rows from the front. I am glad that I can finally learn a little more without those male-female dogs annoying me. I had to ditch Nawal but sacrifices has to be done... right? Science came then English.

MT: Wow, Asma. You're volunteering yourself to sit at the front
AH: Yeah, I can't stand them at the back

Then came BM. *looks down*

AH: *finished reading something out loud*
PS: Ha! Lagi satu saya nak cakap, kalau hendak markah penuh dalam lisan, kamu tidak boleh cakap dengan slang.
AH: oO
AI: Ya, Asma, tak boleh cakap macam ni.
AH: Okay.. stop it.

So that's basically it. I'm bloody tired, I'm bloody sleepy, I have homeworks and I haven't done my ironing. Goodbye computer? No, I don't think so.

I um.. just.. um... posted this on Iztele by accident. Sack that. Oh and I watched 13 Ghosts before. FREAKING AWESOME!

Wanna know what I learnt?
4:19 PM 0 Comments

20 days. It has been 20 days since the change of year, decade. It has been 16 days since we all started school. I have been living for about 14 years. And after all of those years... I've finally figures that LIFE IS BLOODY HARD. No matter if I'm a toddler, a teenager, a middle aged and so forth, the fact that life is bloody hard will never change. No matter what I do. Whether I choose to become a mechanical engineer, an aeronautic engineer, an industrial designer, a lecturer, a teacher, a clerk or even a person who picks up every body's trash. It will never change. Life will stay that way now and forever.

Because of this, I've decided to tune out the people that annoy me and do my best to not get annoyed. Wow. What a sentence. Out of that whole paragraph, what I was trying to say is that if your life is being hard on you, make it easy. Cos that's what I did. But life wasn't being hard on me. It was the people surrounding me who laughs like satans. They annoy the crap out of me and what did I do? I changed place. Thinking about it now, I am laughing my ass off. Instead of getting all angry like I did last week, I could've just changed place. What a waste of time. Hah. Hah.

Now, I have greater challenges ahead of me.
Future, your ninja awaits.
*burst into smoke*

Oh and guess what? I reread this post with all the actions. I did the pooof sound in the end.

19 January 2010
This is wha'cha all call random
11:30 PM 0 Comments

Yesterday, I went to the doctors. He told me not to drink cold water. When I got home, the first thing I did was drink cold water. I have never felt so superior.

Today, I just realised that all the switches in my house has a SIRIM sticker on it. I didn't know that I was THAT into safety.

My brother just came into my room (wanting to unlock the toilet door on his side which wasn't locked) singing ''Oh Em Gee Gee, You ain't got no Em See See, Sleeping at Elevenee, Playing with ComputeeTee, " My response? "Get a life-fee"

The other day, I realised that I love you, that day was also opposite day.

I've realised that people wouldn't lie after saying 'I swear to God'. They could either walk away, change the subject or say not in their heart. What do they choose to do? Tell the truth.

Urban Dictionary made me say 'That is a sick act of faggotry', I think I found a new favourite quotation for my Facebook info. Thank you Urban Dictionary.

I know that none of the MLIAs I have posted will ever be published, so I go to my public networking website and key them in as if it was a published MLIA. (I just submitted this)
MLIA worthy? I think so.

Ditch ditch ditch
3:40 PM 0 Comments

I didn't go to school today. I have a headache right now and it's quarter to 4. I didn't go to tuition yesterday, I went to the doctor's. Mami kept telling me go to sleep, so I did. I was freezing last night.

I woke up this morning with Papa asking me if I want to go to school. I said no, not because I didn't feel well but because my homework is not done and I didn't have time to iron my clothes yesterday. I started going all sore around midday. What a pain. I slept until 10 something and stayed in bed. At around 11, I went downstairs and Papa told me to go to sleep. I did. Then I woke up.

Seems like loads more homework is coming my way. Nawal called me yesterday after I told her not to. Thank God I put my phone on silent. I was asleep when she called. I am so tired right now. But I have to set my priorities straight, ey? But will I? *raises eyebrows repeatedly*

I don't feel like going to tuition tonight. Maths at 6.30 -7.30, History at 8 - 9. GREAT! NOT.


(thank you, urban dictionary)

17 January 2010
What can I say?
10:01 PM 0 Comments

I'm sore
I'm tired
I'm cold

Oh and I seriously think that
for getting all the hot guys and leaving them virginless.

16 January 2010
10:51 AM 0 Comments

This is what I meant.
Inappropriate lyrics.

15 January 2010
School is cool
10:37 PM 0 Comments

I think I already posted this in my other blog but who cares?!

I can't interpret school is cool without a not somewhere in between. School is no longer cool. School used to be cool. Now, school is not cool at all. Sleeping late is not cool... not anymore.

Blogging is cramping up my schedule. Nothing is fun no more. Blogging with a voice telling me to study or in this case, sleep is not fun. I have a nagging system somewhere in my brain. It makes me feel guilty. I always feel guilty. Everytime I touch the computer... GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY. That is not cool. That is not fun.

Every week, I know that I will always be waiting for the weekends. Why? Because I can't stand sleeping late. Day after day, homework after homework, iron after iron... in the end, it only mean one thing. SLEEPING LATE. Do they care? No. When I tell them, they'll go all shocked but do they understand? No. I've decided to ignore that. Ignore the fact that they don't care. I have finally decided to stand on my own, try to achieve my dream on my own and will only get help if they want to help. I will no longer ask for help... I will not say no to someone who wants to help me though.

Today, I didn't get lots of homework. Thank God. Unfortunately though, I have to go to Muar tomorrow. Lets take it positively. :D Positive enough? No? LIVE.

Jehan stayed with me at tuition. =D Thank you. I had to wait for my sister to finish so I had to stay for like another hour and Jehan stayed. So yeah. We wanted to go to the shops but then there was a dog so we decided against that. We could run through but then that means we will end up on a tree and trees are not always safe. One way or the other.

Oh and I do
but I

No you just di'ent
1:39 AM 0 Comments

It's already the 15th, only 12 posts been posted. Shall I go die or shall I fill in those gaps? What can I say? We're already 15 days in 2010, 11 days ago we came back from the holidays. And I don't know what to say. Unbelievable.

The last time I blogged? On Monday and that's only because I was pissed. I've been sleeping late or should I say 'early' these days. Later than my bedtime and very early in the morning. I can help it though. My life is all packed with this and that. They only time for homework is... at night, after tuition. I just wish we have prep or somthing. Then I can do homework and such.

In another 4 hours and 15 minutes, one of my parents are going to wake me up telling me to get ready for school. Which means... I will probably only sleep for <4 hours. I seriously can't wait for the weekends. I hope we don't go to Muar. It's not that I don't want to go... I just want my bed plus the aircond this weekend. Yeay! Weekend starts tonight. I have this big urge to jump on my bed and sleep but when I close my eyes, it... tingles. Anyway, I feel real guilty to myself that I haven't been updating this.

I went to Perdana's latihan rumah sukan before. Didn't really do anything. Went to Nani's house afterwards. I was then rushed home, up to shower then down to pray and eat. Off to tuition I went. Teacher came late so we had to do Science first. Teacher then came. I seriously like the way she teachs BM. I don't know why. She doesn't mind when I speak english by accident. R was being a pain. He was recording Hana, Jehan and I. Dumbdumb. -.-' Somebody then said that I'm too lazy that I didn't do my homework. Mate, please get your facts right. If you were me, swear to God that you wouldn't be able to do your homework.

And you know what? I was then told how the guy I was pissed off at.... hold it, let's call him... RP! Yeah, call him RP. I don't want bad words in my blog so I won't tell what it stands for. Okay, so RP decided to accuse me of crying. LOL. Get something believable to spread. I am not a sissy. I am not that soft. I would not cry in front of the public eye for no reason. I would not cry when I get angry to some crap like you. I wasn't about to cry. Do you know what I was doing when you thought I was going to cry? I was trying to calm myself down from stabbing you with my ruler. Did you know that when the 'chair broke'... I was stopping the ruler from getting out from under my desk?

And wow. MY CHAIR BROKE? OMG! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT? HOW DID IT BREAK? Exactly. It didn't. Stop chatting crap. You think you're so good, don't you? You think you can get away with it don't you? FYI, I've written everything you did from annoying me to accusing me in my journal. I say.. you better watch out. Stop chatting crap about me, stop accusing me, stop being a sissy. Now, you choose to either leave me the heck alone or me getting you back. It's real simple... you just have to choose.

Oh and for your information, I have friends that can beat you up. Knowing you, you're well weak. And guess what? My friends are all girls so if you hit them... you'll finally be an official sissy. So, RP. You're getting there, SISSY!

OMG. I'm shivering in anger plus my room's well cold. I think I better get off the computer now. I need my sleep. No one likes a cranky Asma in the morning. I hope this is enough for... erm... 3 days. This is basically what happened during those 3 days... like a basic summary.

Guten bye-bye, y'all!

11 January 2010
10:21 PM 0 Comments

I'm not sure if I'm suppose to make a new post or not. I will get into details about saturday later, I have homework to do.

Today. Was. One. Heck. of. a. Day.
Serious shit.

I was like well mad in school. People, no, SOMEBODY pissed me off. Next time you go do that, I'm so telling Ms T. Watch it, it's not funny. If you still don't stop, I'm gonna get Ms T to demerit you and then kick you out of school. I'm serious. You might find this all funny but I swear to God that you'll stop laughing once a teacher tell you off.

So I was like all mad, I forced my ruler under my table to go straight and when it did, it made this crack sound and everyone was like ''kerusi patah''... nothing broke. They should get their facts right. They're always saying how accusing is a sin and they still do it. Such hypocrites. Life? You should get 'em.

Nawal then gave me this piece of paper telling me how to calm myself down. Like WTH? Oh and I finished my water in my water bottle today. I'm proud. :)


I seriously wonder.. if I put up hang man on the notice board, will people take it seriously or just scribble on it. It'd be cool if they'll play it properly. :| We'll see. Tomorrow. Probably. Maybe.

Tuition was wicked with Hana and Jehan, without F. HUAHAHA! And guess what F!? I BROUGHT SWEETS!

10 January 2010
8:39 PM 5 Comments

I'm sorry Mami... I'm pissed at the other people that are not helping and instead making fun of me. I'm sorry if I've hurt your feelings but if I didn't make myself vanish then, I'd go all mad and then you'd go all mad and then it'll be all messed up. Oh and I've decided to just ignore the whole idea of being one.

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“Apa nak jadi dengan kau ni Along? Bergaduh! Bergaduh! Bergaduh! Kenapa kau degil sangat ni? Tak boleh ke kau buat sesuatu yang baik, yang tak menyusahkan aku?”, marah ibu. Along hanya membungkam. Tidak menjawab sepatah apapun. “Kau tu dah besar Along. Masuk kali ni dah dua kali kau ulang ambil SPM, tapi kau asyik buat hal di sekolah. Cuba la kau ikut macam Angah dengan Alang tu. Kenapa kau susah sangat nak dengar nasihat orang hah?”, leter ibu lagi.

Suaranya kali ini sedikit sebak bercampur marah. Along terus membatukan diri. Tiada sepatah kata pun yang keluar dari mulutnya. Seketika dia melihat si ibu berlalu pergi dan kembali semula dengan rotan di tangannya. Kali ini darah Along mula menderau. Dia berdoa dalam hati agar ibu tidak memukulnya lagi seperti selalu. “Sekarang kau cakap, kenapa kau bergaduh tadi? Kenapa kau pukul anak pengetua tu? Cakap Along, cakap!” Jerkah ibu. Along semakin berdebar-debar namun dia tidak dapat berkata-kata. Suaranya bagai tersekat di kerongkong. Malah, dia juga tidak tahu bagaimana hendak menceritakan hal sebenar. Si ibu semakin bengang. “ Jadi betul la kau yang mulakan pergaduhan ye!? Nanti kau, suka sangat cari penyakitkan, sekarang nah, rasakan!” Si ibu merotan Along berkali-kali dan berkali-kali jugaklah Along menjerit kesakitan.

“Sakit bu…sakit….maafkan Along bu, Along janji tak buat lagi….Bu, jangan pukul bu…sakit bu…” Along meraung meminta belas si ibu agar tidak merotannya lagi. “Tau sakit ye, kau bergaduh kat sekolah tak rasa sakit?” Balas ibu lagi. Kali ini semakin kuat pukulan si ibu menyirat tubuh Along yang kurus itu. “Bu…ampunkan Along bu…bukan Along yang mulakan…bukan Along….bu, sakit bu..!!”, rayu Along dengan suara yang tersekat-sekat menahan pedih. Along memaut kaki si ibu. Berkali-kali dia memohon maaf daripada ibunya namun siratan rotan tetap mengenai tubuhnya. Along hanya mampu berdoa. Dia tidak berdaya lagi menahan tangisnya. Tangis bukan kerana sakitnya dirotan, tapi kerana memikirkan tidak jemukah si ibu merotannya setiap hari. Setelah hatinya puas, si ibu mula berhenti merotan Along. Tangan Along yang masih memaut kakinya itu di tepis kasar. Along menatap mata ibu. Ada manik-manik kaca yang bersinar di kelopak mata si ibu. Along memandang dengan sayu. Hatinya sedih kerana telah membuatkan ibunya menangis lagi kerananya.

Malam itu, Along berjaga sepanjang malam. Entah mengapa matanya tidak dapat dilelapkan. Dia asyik teringatkan peristiwa dirotan ibu petang tadi. Begitulah yang berlaku apabila ibu marahkannya. Tapi kali ini marah ibu sangat memuncak. Mungkin kerana dia menumbuk anak pengetua sewaktu di sekolah tadi menyebabkan pengetua hilang sabar dan memanggil ibunya ke sekolah untuk membuat aduan kesekian kalinya. Sewaktu di bilik pengetua, Along sempat menjeling ibu di sebelah. Namun, dia tidak diberi kesempatan untuk bersuara. Malah, semua kesalahan itu di dilemparkan kepadanya seorang. Si Malik anak pengetua itu bebas seolah-olah sedikit pun tidak bersalah dalam hal ini. Along mengesat sisa-sisa air mata yang masih bertakung di kelopak matanya. Dia berlalu ke meja tulis mencapai minyak sapu lalu disapukan pada bekas luka yang berbirat di tubuhnya dek rotanan ibu tadi. Perlahan-lahan dia menyapu ubat namun masih tetap terasa pedihnya. Walaupun sudah biasa dirotan, namun tidak seteruk kali ini. Along merebahkan badannya. Dia cuba memejamkan mata namun masih tidak mahu lelap. Seketika wajah ibu menjelma diruang ingatannya. Wajah ibu suatu ketika dahulu sangat mendamaikan pada pandangan matanya. Tetapi, sejak dia gagal dalam SPM, kedamaian itu semakin pudar dan hanya kelihatan biasa dan kebencian di wajah tua itu. Apa yang dibuat serba tidak kena pada mata ibu. Along sedar, dia telah mengecewakan hati ibu dahulu kerana mendapat keputusan yang corot dalam SPM. Tetapi Along tidak pernah ambil hati dengan sikap ibu walau adakalanya kata-kata orang tua itu menyakiti hatinya. Along sayang pada ibu. Dialah satu-satunya ibu yang Along ada walaupun kasih ibu tidak semekar dahulu lagi. Along mahu meminta maaf. Dia tidak mahu menjadi anak derhaka. Fikirannya terlalu cacamarba, dan perasaannya pula semakin resah gelisah. Akhirnya, dalam kelelahan melayani perasaan, Along terlelap juga.

Seminggu selepas peristiwa itu, si ibu masih tidak mahu bercakap dengannya. Jika ditanya, hanya sepatah dijawab ibu. Itupun acuh tidak acuh sahaja. Pulang dari sekolah, Along terus menuju ke dapur. Dia mencangak mencari ibu kalau-kalau orang kesayangannya itu ada di situ. Along tersenyum memandang ibu yang terbongkok-bongkok mengambil sudu di bawah para dan kemudian mencacap makanan yang sedang dimasak itu. Dia nekad mahu menolong. Mudah-mudahan usahanya kali ini berjaya mengambil hati ibu. Namun, belum sempat dia melangkah ke dapur, adik perempuannya yang baru pulang daripada mengaji terus meluru ke arah ibu. Along terperanjat dan cuba berselindung di sebalik pintu sambil memerhatikan mereka.

" Ibu..ibu masak apa ni? Banyaknya lauk, ibu nak buat kenduri ye!?” Tanya Atih kehairanan. Dia tidak pernah melihat ibunya memasak makanan yang pelbagai jenis seperti itu. Semuanya enak-enak belaka. Si ibu yang lincah menghiris sayur hanya tersenyum melihat keletah anak bongsunya itu. Sementara Along disebalik pintu terus memerhatikan mereka sambil memasang telinganya. “Ibu, Atih nak rasa ayam ni satu boleh?” “ Eh jangan, nanti dulu... Ibu tau Atih lapar, tapi tunggulah Kak Ngah dengan Alang balik dulu. Nanti kita makan sekali. Pergi naik atas mandi dan tukar baju dulu ye!”, si ibu bersuara lembut. Along menarik nafas panjang dan melepaskannya perlahan. ‘anak-anak kesayangan ibu nak balik rupanya…’ bisik hati kecil Along. “Kak Ngah dengan Alang nak balik ke ibu?”, soalnya lagi masih belum berganjak dari dapur. Si ibu mengangguk sambil tersenyum. Di wajahnya jelas menampakkan kebahagiaan. “Oooo patutlah ibu masak lauk banyak-banyak. Mmm bu, tapi Atih pelik la. Kenapa bila Along balik, ibu tak masak macam ni pun?”. Along terkejut mendengar soalan Atih. Namun dia ingin sekali tahu apa jawapan dari ibunya. “Along kan hari-hari balik rumah? Kak Ngah dengan Alang lain, diorang kan duduk asrama, balik pun sebulan sekali ja!”, terang si ibu. “Tapi, ibu tak penah masak lauk macam ni dekat Along pun..”, soal Atih lagi. Dahinya sedikit berkerut dek kehairanan. Along mula terasa sebak. Dia mengakui kebenaran kata-kata adiknya itu namun dia tidak mahu ada perasaan dendam atau marah walau secalit pun pada ibu yang sangat disayanginya. “Dah tu, pergi mandi cepat. Kejap lagi kita pergi ambil Kak Ngah dengan Alang dekat stesen bas.” , arah ibu. Dia tidak mahu Atih mengganggu kerja-kerjanya di dapur dengan menyoal yang bukan-bukan. Malah ibu juga tidak senang jika Atih terus bercakap tentang Along. Pada ibu, Along anak yang derhaka yang selalu menyakiti hatinya. Apa yang dikata tidak pernah didengarnya. Selalu pula membuat hal di sekolah mahupun di rumah.. Disebabkan itulah ibu semakin hilang perhatian pada Along dek kerana marah dan kecewanya.

Selepas ibu dan Atih keluar, Along juga turut keluar. Dia menuju ke Pusat Bandar sambil jalan-jalan buat menghilangkan tekanannya. Tiba di satu kedai, kakinya tiba-tiba berhenti melangkah. Matanya terpaku pada sepasang jubah putih berbunga ungu yang di lengkapi dengan tudung bermanik. ‘Cantiknya, kalau ibu pakai mesti lawa ni….’ Dia bermonolog sendiri. Along melangkah masuk ke dalam kedai itu. Sedang dia membelek-belek jubah itu, bahunya tiba-tiba disentuh seseorang. Dia segera menoleh. Rupa-rupanya itu Fariz, sahabatnya. “La…kau ke, apa kau buat kat sini?”, tanya Along ingin tahu sambil bersalaman dengan Fariz. “Aku tolong jaga butik kakak aku. Kau pulak buat apa kat sini?”, soalnya pula. “Aku tak de buat apa-apa, cuma nak tengok-tengok baju ni. Aku ingat nak kasi mak aku!”, jelas Along jujur. “waa…bagus la kau ni Azam. Kalau kau nak beli aku bagi less 50%. Macammana?” Terlopong mulut Along mendengar tawaran Fariz itu. “Betul ke ni Riz? Nanti marah kakak kau!”, Along meminta kepastian. “Untuk kawan baik aku, kakak aku mesti bagi punya!”, balas Fariz meyakinkannya. “Tapi aku kena beli minggu depan la. Aku tak cukup duit sekarang ni.” Cerita Along agak keseganan. Fariz hanya menepuk mahunya sambil tersenyum. “Kau ambik dulu, lepas tu kau bayar sikit-sikit.” Kata Fariz . Along hanya menggelengkan kepala tanda tidak setuju. Dia tidak mahu berhutang begitu. Jika ibunya tahu, mesti dia dimarahi silap-silap dipukul lagi. “Dekat kau ada berapa ringgit sekarang ni?”, soal Fariz yang benar-benar ingin membantu sahabatnya itu. Along menyeluk saku seluarnya dan mengeluarkan dompet berwarna hitam yang semakin lusuh itu. “Tak sampai sepuluh ringgit pun Riz, tak pe lah, aku datang beli minggu depan. Kau jangan jual dulu baju ni tau!”, pesan Along bersungguh-sungguh. Fariz hanya mengangguk senyum.

Hari semakin lewat. Jarum pendek sudah melangkaui nombor tujuh. Setelah tiba, kelihatan Angah dan Alang sudah berada di dalam rumah. Mereka sedang rancak berbual dengan ibu di ruang tamu. Dia menoleh ke arah mereka seketika kemudian menuju ke dapur. Perutnya terasa lapar sekali kerana sejak pulang dari sekolah petang tadi dia belum makan lagi. Penutup makanan diselak. Syukur masih ada sisa lauk-pauk yang ibu masak tadi bersama sepinggan nasi di atas meja. Tanpa berlengah dia terus makan sambil ditemani Si Tomei, kucing kesayangan arwah ayahnya. “Baru nak balik waktu ni? Buat hal apa lagi kat luar tu?”, soalan ibu yang bernada sindir itu tiba-tiba membantutkannya daripada menghabiskan sisa makanan di dalam pinggan. “Kenapa tak makan kat luar ja? Tau pulak, bila lapar nak balik rumah!”, leter ibu lagi. Along hanya diam. Dia terus berusaha mengukir senyum dan membuat muka selamber seperti tidak ada apa-apa yang berlaku. Tiba-tiba Angah dan Alang menghampirinya di meja makan. Mereka berdiri di sisi ibu yang masih memandang ke arahnya seperti tidak berpuas hati. “Along ni teruk tau. Suka buat ibu susah hati. Kerana Along, ibu kena marah dengan pengetua tu.” Marah Angah, adik perempuannya yang sedang belajar di MRSM. Along mendiamkan diri. Diikutkan hati, mahu saja dia menjawab kata-kata adiknya itu tetapi melihat kelibat ibu yang masih di situ, dia mengambil jalan untuk membisu sahaja. “Along! Kalau tak suka belajar, berhenti je la. Buat je kerja lain yang berfaedah daripada menghabiskan duit ibu", sampuk Alang, adik lelakinya yang menuntut di sekolah berasrama penuh. Kali ini kesabarannya benar-benar tercabar. Hatinya semakin terluka melihat sikap mereka semua. Dia tahu, pasti ibu mengadu pada mereka. Along mengangkat mukanya memandang wajah ibu. Wajah tua si ibu masam mencuka. Along tidak tahan lagi. Dia segera mencuci tangan dan meluru ke biliknya.

Perasaannya jadi kacau. Fikirannya bercelaru. Hatinya pula jadi tidak keruan memikirkan kata-kata mereka. Along sedar, kalau dia menjawab, pasti ibu akan semakin membencinya. Along nekad, esok pagi-pagi, dia akan tinggalkan rumah. Dia akan mencari kerja di Bandar. Kebetulan cuti sekolah selama seminggu bermula esok. Seperti yang dinekadkan, pagi itu selesai solat subuh, Along terus bersiap-siap dengan membawa beg sekolah berisi pakaian, Along keluar daripada rumah tanpa ucapan selamat. Dia sekadar menyelitkan nota buat si ibu menyatakan bahawa dia mengikuti program sekolah berkhemah di hutan selama seminggu. Niatnya sekadar mahu mencari ketenangan selama beberapa hari justeru dia terpaksa berbohong agar ibu tidak bimbang dengan tindakannya itu. Along menunggang motorsikalnya terus ke Pusat Bandar untuk mencari pekerjaan. Nasib menyebelahinya, tengah hari itu, dia diterima bekerja dengan Abang Joe sebagai pembantu di bengkel membaiki motorsikal dengan upah lima belas ringgit sehari, dia sudah rasa bersyukur dan gembira. Gembira kerana tidak lama lagi, dia dapat membeli jubah untuk ibu. Hari ini hari ke empat Along keluar daripada rumah. Si ibu sedikit gelisah memikirkan apa yang dilakukan Along di luar. Dia juga berasa agak rindu dengan Along. Entah mengapa hati keibuannya agak tersentuh setiap kali terpandang bilik Along. Tetapi kerinduan dan kerisauan itu terubat apabila melihat gurau senda anak-anaknya yang lain.

Seperti selalu, Along bekerja keras membantu Abang Joe di bengkelnya. Sikap Abang Joe yang baik dan kelakar itu sedikit sebanyak mengubat hatinya yang luka. Abang Joe baik. Dia banyak membantu Along antaranya menumpangkan Along di rumahnya dengan percuma. “Azam, kalau aku tanya kau jangan marah k!”, soal Abang Joe tiba-tiba sewaktu mereka menikmati nasi bungkus tengah hari itu. “Macam serius jer bunyinya Abang Joe?” Along kehairanan. “Sebenarnya, kau lari dari rumah kan ?” Along tersedak mendengar soalan itu. Nasi yang disuap ke dalam mulut tersembur keluar. Matanya juga kemerah-merahan menahan sedakan. Melihat keadaan Along itu, Abang Joe segera menghulurkan air.. “Kenapa lari dari rumah? Bergaduh dengan parents?” Tanya Abang Joe lagi cuba menduga. Soalan Abang Joe itu benar-benar membuatkan hati Along sebak. Along mendiamkan diri. Dia terus menyuap nasi ke dalam mulut dan mengunyah perlahan. Dia cuba menundukkan mukanya cuba menahan perasaan sedih. “Azam, kau ada cita-cita tak…ataupun impian ker…?” Abang Joe mengubah topik setelah melihat reaksi Along yang kurang selesa dengan soalannya tadi. “ Ada ” jawab Along pendek “Kau nak jadi apa besar nanti? Jurutera? Doktor? Cikgu? Pemain bola? Mekanik macam aku…atau….” Along menggeleng-gelengkan kepala. “semua tak…Cuma satu je, saya nak mati dalam pangkuan ibu saya.” Jawab Along disusuli ketawanya. Abang Joe melemparkan tulang ayam ke arah Along yang tidak serius menjawab soalannya itu. “ Ala , gurau ja la Abang Joe. Sebenarnya….saya nak bawa ibu saya ke Mekah dan…saya….saya nak jadi anak yang soleh!”.. Perlahan sahaja suaranya namun masih jelas didengari telinga Abang Joe. Abang Joe tersenyum mendengar jawapannya. Dia bersyukur di dalam hati kerana mengenali seorang anak yang begitu baik. Dia sendiri sudah bertahun-tahun membuka bengkel itu namun belum pernah ada cita-cita mahu menghantar ibu ke Mekah.

Setelah tamat waktu rehat, mereka menyambung kerja masing-masing. Tidak seperti selalu, petang itu Along kelihatan banyak berfikir. Mungkin terkesan dengan soalan Abang Joe sewaktu makan tadi. “Abang Joe, hari ni, saya nak balik rumah ...terima kasih banyak kerana jaga saya beberapa hari ni”, ucap Along sewaktu selesai menutup pintu bengkel. Abang Joe yang sedang mencuci tangannya hanya mengangguk. Hatinya gembira kerana akhirnya anak muda itu mahu pulang ke pangkuan keluarga. Sebelum berlalu, Along memeluk lelaki bertubuh sasa itu. Ini menyebabkan Abang Joe terasa agak sebak. “Abang Joe, jaga diri baik-baik. Barang-barang yang saya tinggal kat rumah Abang Joe tu, saya hadiahkan untuk Abang Joe.” Kata Along lagi. “Tapi, kau kan boleh datang bila-bila yang kau suka ke rumah aku!?”, soal Abang Joe. Dia risau kalau-kalau Along menyalah anggap tentang soalannya tadi. Along hanya senyum memandangnya. “Tak apa, saya bagi kat Abang Joe. Abang Joe, terima kasih banyak ye! Saya rasa tak mampu nak balas budi baik abang. Tapi, saya doakan perniagaan abang ni semakin maju.” Balasnya dengan tenang. Sekali lagi Abang Joe memeluknya bagai seorang abang memeluk adiknya yang akan pergi jauh.

Berbekalkan upahnya, Along segera menuju ke butik kakak Fariz untuk membeli jubah yang diidamkannya itu. Setibanya di sana , tanpa berlengah dia terus ke tempat di mana baju itu disangkut. “ Hey Azam, mana kau pergi? Hari tu mak kau ada tanya aku pasal kau. Kau lari dari rumah ke?”, soal Fariz setelah menyedari kedatangan sahabatnya itu. Along hanya tersengeh menampakkan giginya. “Zam, mak kau marah kau lagi ke? Kenapa kau tak bagitau hal sebenar pasal kes kau tumbuk si Malik tu?” “Tak pe lah, perkara dah berlalu….lagipun, aku tak nak ibu aku terasa hati kalau dia dengar tentang perkara ni", terang Along dengan tenang. “Kau jadi mangsa. Tengok, kalau kau tak bagitau, mak kau ingat kau yang salah", kata Fariz lagi. “Tak apa lah Riz, aku tak nak ibu aku sedih. Lagipun aku tak kisah.” “Zam..kau ni…..” “Aku ok, lagipun aku sayang dekat ibu aku. Aku tak nak dia sedih dan ingat kisah lama tu.” Jelas Along memotong kata-kata si sahabat yang masih tidak berpuas hati itu. “Aku nak beli jubah ni Riz. Kau tolong balutkan ek, jangan lupa lekat kad ni sekali, k!”, pinta Along sambil menyerahkan sekeping kad berwarna merah jambu. “No problem…tapi, mana kau dapat duit? Kau kerja ke?” , soal Fariz ingin tahu. “Aku kerja kat bengkel Abang Joe. Jadi pembantu dia", terang Along. “Abang Joe mana ni?” “Yang buka bengkel motor kat Jalan Selasih sebelah kedai makan pakcik kantin kita tu!”, jelas Along dengan panjang lebar. Fariz mengangguk . “Azam, kau nak bagi hadiah ni kat mak kau bila?” “Hari ni la…” balas Along. “Ooo hari lahir ibu kau hari ni ek?” “Bukan, minggu depan…” “Habis?. Kenapa kau tak tunggu minggu depan je?”, soal Fariz lagi.. “Aku rasa hari ni je yang yang sempat untuk aku bagi hadiah ni. Lagipun, aku harap lepas ni ibu aku tak marah aku lagi.” Jawabnya sambil mengukir senyum.

Along keluar daripada kedai. Kelihatan hujan mulai turun. Namun Along tidak sabar menunggu untuk segera menyerahkan hadiah itu untuk ibu. Sambil menunggang, Along membayangkan wajah ibu yang sedang tersenyum menerima hadiahnya itu. Motosikalnya sudah membelok ke Jalan Nuri II. Tiba di simpang hadapan lorong masuk ke rumahnya, sebuah kereta wira yang cuba mengelak daripada melanggar seekor kucing hilang kawalan dan terus merempuh Along dari depan yang tidak sempat mengelak. Akibat perlanggaran yang kuat itu, Along terpelanting ke tengah jalan dan mengalami hentakan yang kuat di kepala dan belakangnya. Topi keledar yang dipakai mengalami retakan dan tercabut daripada kepalanya, Along membuka matanya perlahan-lahan dan terus mencari hadiah untuk si ibu dan dengan sisa kudrat yang ada, dia cuba mencapai hadiah yang tercampak berhampirannya itu. Dia menggenggam kuat cebisan kain dan kad yang terburai dari kotak itu. Darah semakin membuak-buak keluar dari hidungnya. Kepalanya juga terasa sangat berat, pandangannya berpinar-pinar dan nafasnya semakin tersekat-sekat. Dalam keparahan itu, Along melihat kelibat orang–orang yang sangat dikenalinya sedang berlari ke arahnya. Serta merta tubuhnya terus dirangkul seorang wanita. Dia tahu, wanita itu adalah ibunya. Terasa bahagia sekali apabila dahinya dikucup saat itu. Along gembira. Itu kucupan daripada ibunya. Dia juga dapat mendengar suara Angah, Alang dan Atih memanggil-manggil namanya. Namun tiada suara yang keluar dari kerongkongnya saat itu.. Along semakin lemah. Namun, dia kuatkan semangat dan cuba menghulurkan jubah dan kad yang masih digenggamannya itu. “Ha..hadiah….untuk….ibu………” ucapnya sambil berusaha mengukir senyuman. Senyuman terakhir buat ibu yang sangat dicintainya. Si ibu begitu sebak dan sedih. Si anak dipeluknya sambil dicium berkali-kali. Air matanya merembes keluar bagai tidak dapat ditahan lagi. Pandangan Along semakin kelam. Sebelum matanya tertutup rapat, terasa ada air hangat yang menitik ke wajahnya. Akhirnya, Along terkulai dalam pangkuan ibu dan dia pergi untuk selama-lamanya.

Selesai upacara pengebumian, si ibu terus duduk di sisi kubur Along bersama Angah, Alang dan Atih. Dengan lemah, wanita itu mengeluarkan bungkusan yang hampir relai dari beg tangannya. Sekeping kad berwarna merah jambu bertompok darah yang kering dibukanya lalu dibaca. ‘Buat ibu yang sangat dikasihi, ampunkanlah salah silap along selama ini. Andai along melukakan hati ibu, along pinta sejuta kemaafan. Terimalah maaf along bu..Along janji tak kan membuatkan ibu marah lagi. Ibu, Along sayang ibu selama-lamanya. Selamat hari lahir ibu… dan terimalah hadiah ini…..UNTUKMU IBU!’ Kad itu dilipat dan dicium. Air mata yang bermanik mula berjurai membasahi pipi. Begitu juga perasaan yang dirasai Angah, Alang dan Atih. Masing-masing berasa pilu dan sedih dengan pemergian seorang abang yang selama ini disisihkan. Sedang melayani perasaan masing-masing, Fariz tiba-tiba muncul. Dia terus mendekati wanita tua itu lalu mencurahkan segala apa yang dipendamnya selama ini. “Makcik, ampunkan segala kesalahan Azam. Azam tak bersalah langsung dalam kes pergaduhan tu makcik. Sebenarnya, waktu Azam dan saya sibuk menyiapkan lukisan, Malik datang dekat kami. Dia sengaja cari pasal dengan Azam dengan menumpahkan warna air dekat lukisan Azam. Lepas tu, dia ejek-ejek Azam. Dia cakap Azam anak pembunuh. Bapa Azam seorang pembunuh dan … dia jugak cakap, ibunya seorang perempuan gila…” cerita Fariz dengan nada sebak. Si ibu terkejut mendengarnya. Terbayang di ruang matanya pada ketika dia merotan Along kerana kesalahan menumbuk Malik.. “Tapi, kenapa arwah tidak ceritakan pada makcik Fariz?” Soalnya dengan sedu sedan. “Sebab…..dia tak mahu makcik sedih dan teringat kembali peristiwa dulu. Dia cakap, dia tak nak makcik jatuh sakit lagi, dia tak nak mengambil semua ketenangan yang makcik ada sekarang…walaupun dia disalahkan, dia terima. Tapi dia tak sanggup tengok makcik dimasukkan ke hospital sakit jiwa semula....” Terang Fariz lagi. Dia berasa puas kerana dapat menyatakan kebenaran bagi pihak sahabatnya itu.

Si ibu terdiam mendengar penjelasan Fariz. Terasa seluruh anggota badannya menjadi Lemah. Berbagai perasaan mencengkam hatinya. Sungguh hatinya terasa sangat pilu dan terharu dengan pengorbanan si anak yang selama ini dianggap derhaka.

09 January 2010
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Papa said that people made igloos in Manchester. I am jealous.

I listen to the news. UK's news. It makes me jealous. Coldest winter in 30 years. Oh well, atleast I've made a snowman before. MORE SNOW TOMORROW. OMG, they're seriously trying to rub this in my face. I can't stand listening to it. MUTED.

I'm sleepy. It's already 10 to 1. I missed the 9th. Oh well. Homework? Not much. Thank God. I have to read the malay and english novels, though.

I went to school, got to class, learnt stuff, went to eat, wanted to buy a tissue, the book shop was packed, waited for the rest then went to class, had history then Agama. How exciting!


I can't wait for tomorrow. :D

07 January 2010
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Tons and tons of homework. I've finished them all so it don't matter. Iman finally made my cookie.

You can't plural-ise everything.

Heh. Heh. Someone was correcting me on how there's no such thing as 'cookie' and you can't say 'cookie' because it's actually 'cookies'. Then she continued with laughing at me and saying 'Kau dari England pun tak tau tu.' Get your facts right, mate.

I just read Chapter 4 of Science. I've already learnt it in year 4. So.. Hah! Hah! I wonder how the dirty minded guys in my class will react. I think that if we have SE in Malaysia, all those unmarried parents will stop reproducing. Seriously.

I think I lost RM 20 somewhere. It might be in the car. IDK. But it was in my pocket then I can't find it. They shouldn't make paper notes. Use cards or something. LOL. No. I just killed it. Can't wait for Saturdayyyy! Yippee yaa yaa yippee yippee yaa!!!

My sister told her what I said. -.-' Don't trust her. My tummy hurts 'cos I just drank Revive and drinking something with gas is not good when you have an empty tummy... it'll hurt you like hell. I haven't chatted to Q for ages and Farah, I think brought her up before. :(

Have you realised that when you go saying something like...
My f*cking maid with the star changed to a U, you're actually saying that your maid is f*cking? I don't.

What did I do to you? Hardly anything. The other lot goes doing stuff to you and I'm always the one that you pick on. Stop being so tight on me.

06 January 2010
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I don't feel the need to blog today as I didn't get anything except tons of homework. Notes, notes and more notes.

Oh and did I tellyou that my bag gets heavier everyday? I don't understand why the Jabatan Pelajaran feel the need to not give us lockers... Although there's hardly any place for them, if there's a will, there's a way. Innit? They could put it at the back of the class. It wouldn't even be big. I mean, just something small so we could lock away our text books. Or atleast, they could seperate our text books. Half it or something and make like 2 books for one subject... like the Form 1 and Form 2s. Just because we're older, it doesn't mean we don't mind getting sore backs because the truth is, we do.

There's this one teacher that scares the crap out of me but... oh well. Ms T said that she's the debate teacher. GREAT! - in a non sarcastic way. I fell asleep in school because I was so tired. N didn't realise. LOLOLOLO. I tried making a schedule but it's not working out for me.
2-3 Relax
3-4 Chores
4-7 Homework

2-3 Chores
3-7 Relax
I personally choose #2. Hah. Hah. I'm sleepy. I haven't read that Mr Jekyll thing or the Malay one. I'm. So. Dead.

Yawn 1. Yawn 2. Yawn 3. Yawn 4. Yawn 5.
I'm getting tired of my friends. Not the boogles, the other ones. I don't even think they're my friends anymore. I mean, they wouldn't stop insulting me. They couldn't stop dissing me. They couldn't stop making fun of the way I speak. It's old news, find something new, please... and you call me ketinggalan. Do I diss you? No. Do I insult you? No. Do I offend you? No. Am I rude to you? Probably but atleast I don't diss you!

05 January 2010
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I went to school with a bag that is BLOODY HEAVY! All the Form 3s had to stay. OMG. I can't believe I'm in Form 3. Gosh. -.-' I feel so old. I felt as if I just moved yesterday. Oh well. We had a spotcheck and it took us ages. I went up for KH and made notes while teacher was teaching but she didn't mind. I didn't do anything during PJ except chatted with Iman.

I ate my food with Iman and Farhana. Suddenly Hakim, Hafiz and their other friend came jumping from the back. Guess who they ate their lunch with? Grrr. Hakim nicked my spoon. -.-' Who does he think he is. Then I went to the koperasi and Jehan said that I ditched her but I didn't. Hana did. Haha. Went up and teacher didn't turn up for Maths, again.

I had Geo. I'm just glad Cikgu F is teaching me. For English, we had to write an essay then Ms T told us that we had to write a journal. I don't mind 'cos... I just don't. LOL. I had to do it in Sect 5 but Mr Cher said we could swear in there so it's so fun. HAHA. PK was a pain in the backside. Seriously.

I went tuition today, for the first time. I didn't know where to go so I was like, in front of the door. LOL. R didn't reply my text and I didn't have F's number. -.-' I called Papa and he said the office is upstairs. I thought it was downstairs. So I went up and saw R, I asked him where MV is and he pointed to this room so I went in. He told me to wait so I did. Then he sent me to the room R was in. He gave us a History worksheet and I was like WTH?! I didn't read any history but then R gave me his paper so I went looking through it.

MV went out, F and R were like... Ah.. nevermind. G said they were a lot worse when RA was there. He then gave us another work sheet... Okayy... it's either the connection is bad or Papa blocked the internet. I hope it's not the latter.

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I didn't blog yesterday and it's not because I forgotten. I really wanted to but decided against it. Why? I seriously don't know.

So.. how was my first day of school? BORING.

I got in school WELL EARLY in the morning and I was searching for H and J but I didn't find them and I finally saw them near the toilet. I gave the boogle woogles excluding Q, their cactus. I would've bought 1 for her but the other day, my dad bought me a cactus and it died right after I touched it. (It fell off my desk) I went up to class which is on the fourth floor and Ms T was already in there. Put my bags down and everything next to Nawal. She then started chatting.

After that, it was... Art. We had to do notes and draw something. I mean like, WTH? First day of school and we're already doing something. I then went down for break.

Me: WTH man?
Marcella: You go straight down there.
Hakim: Thaaaaaank you.
Me: -.-' I told him not to do stuff like that.

Thank God I brought my own food if not... you should've seen it. I went up and my maths teacher didn't turn up. After Maths was BM and we had to make an introduction of a writing because the teacher wants to know how we write. LOLO. After that came Science. I was shocked when I saw the teacher. She doesn't look 25. I went home and that was how my day went.

03 January 2010
Cameron Highlands
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Billions of these beautiful trucks up in Cameron Highlands


Got out of bed at 6 something and went off. We didn't know where to go so my dad was coming up with all these places and suddenly Cameron Highlands came up, so where dya think we went? Arrived at BOH! around 11. We were stuck in Hamid's Ditch on the way there because Papa was reversing and didn't see it. Thank God the bus was full of Europeans. They straight went out and 2 of 'em started jumping on the car so it would go out. Great people them. This guy went to taking picture of the car. LOL. When the bus passed us, they waved. :D

Hakim and I walked up through the tea farm whilst the rest drove up. I got mud all over my pants. They were supposed to walk up on the tarred road but they drove up instead. Oh well. We went to the factory and then bought tea at the shops.

Drove up to the top of Mt. Brincang for brunch. We wanted to go up the tower, ended up at the 1st level and then came back down to eat. They were scared. After we ate my brother was like...
H: Jom naik atas?
A: Jom
H: Now we got some Umphhh!
A: Yeahhh!
So, Hakim got up to the 2nd level and I went right to the top. And I was like I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation but then the mist got to me so I went down. I miss Manchester. :(

We went around Cameron Highlands... got Starbucks and something for me mates. Ate cendawan goreng, got myself strawberry jam and Mami got honey.

I WANT THOSE LAND ROVER TRUCKS! They were all old and it's not even using a land rover's engine but who cares? The body is well fit. Haha. I want to buy one, get it all cleaned up, repaint it. Get a more comfortable interior then I'm gonna change the engine, add that hydraulics thing and I got myself a cruise night ride.

It was a spontaneous trip so I didn't bring my jumper, sweater, coat or hoody. I also didn't bring my camera so no pictures... though I did bring the video camera.

So basically, that was the BEST LAST DAY of THE HOLIDAYS EVER!

02 January 2010
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How are you going to spend your last day of the holidays?
Lying around? Going out? Sleeping in?
Well, I don't care. Whippee.

Wanna know how I'm spending mine? Yeah.. you probably don't, not after me being rude to youse.
Oh well. Whattodo? I'm going for a walk, followed by visiting the clubhouse, then to Ancorp Mall with Subway as lunch. Aisyah said.

They told my that I'm old. That I have to grow up. They told me that I have to change. They don't know how I'm trying my best to answer back. They don't know that I've been shutting my mouth so that I don't say rude stuff. But have they realise what I'm going through right now? Probably not. Probably that's why they told me to grow up... probably that's why they're telling me to stop being rude. Probably that's why I have to stop trying to change, stop trying to grow up. Atleast when I do that, it wouldn't bother me when they tell me to grow up.

You know, you know... I've just realise something. Remember in Twilight when Bella went all woozy because of blood? Then remember New Moon when Bella had a paper cut. Did Bella go all Woozy then? Did she faint? No. That's just sick.

01 January 2010
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May God bless youse lot and help you through hard time. I'm going to wake up at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning to watch BBCN. I wanted to send all my mates a NY wish but that'd be wasting my credits so it doesn't really matter. TBH, New Year is like any other day to me... I didn't even countdown.

The sound of fireworks are blasting through people's snore. Pop! Pop! Pop! How am I going to sleep now?

Oh and before I forget,

I was exxagerating last night... the fireworks wasn't even that loud. Thank God Mr Neighbour didn't light any. So basically, I slept peacefully well.

I went to Auntie Faridah's house for lunch. Ate loads. Steamboat and Spaghetti. Nyum nyum. Before I went to KS, I tried bashing cars up on Paradise using Muhsin's steering wheel. Bloody hard, I ended up wrecking two before I lost. Too bad. Had horrible keropok lekor at KS but then Wak Umi re-fried it and it tasted better.

A: Can I get keropok lekor... because I didn't get any when we were in Penang?
M: *laughs*

That was intended to be a joke but when I said that, I was actually dissing myself but who cares. Aisyah made this real stupid poem in the car, couldn't stop laughing. I had to take care of Muaz from 7 til 10.30. I'm tired. I want to sleep.

TBH, I hate this layout so very much. Just changed it and now it's all pink. I was heading towards red but I can't get any light red so I decided just to go with pink. And no, I don't like pink.

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