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Asma Hamid

I'm the anon that stalks on you. I'm the anon that insults you. I'm the anon that gives you crappy advice. I'm the anon that you fight with. I'm the anon that talks true shits. And I'm the anon that you didn't know.

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20 January 2010
I needa, I needa
10:36 PM 0 Comments

I need a piss.

Kay. Kay. Done. You know what I haven't done for a long time? Recap my day. So lesse.

This morning, I obviously woke up early. Nothing sore, thank God. Got to school and had to go to the whatchamacallit? Anyway, I went to scouts... like obviously. There was this female woof woof sitting behind me. I shall keep quiet about that. After the meeting.. all of us ambitious scouts stayed which isn't many. Lesse, Aisyah, her friends, Naqib, Yu Xi Yu and myself... we stayed discussing about Kem Keahlian. It started to rain so I went to class.

RE. Bla bla bla and suddenly Ustazah gave me a tenner. Haha. I answered a question and then she gave me a tenner. She asked everyone what is it called when someone doesn't believe in god and all. I answered.. Atheist, obviously. I got a tenner. New favourite Ustazah? I think so. Anyway, then I went up for History but after 1 period we had to go down for the dental check. I then hung around downstairs 'cos I ain't bothered going back up.

Break time came then it went. I now finally have a new seat. I am now sitting right at the front and not 3 rows from the front. I am glad that I can finally learn a little more without those male-female dogs annoying me. I had to ditch Nawal but sacrifices has to be done... right? Science came then English.

MT: Wow, Asma. You're volunteering yourself to sit at the front
AH: Yeah, I can't stand them at the back

Then came BM. *looks down*

AH: *finished reading something out loud*
PS: Ha! Lagi satu saya nak cakap, kalau hendak markah penuh dalam lisan, kamu tidak boleh cakap dengan slang.
AH: oO
AI: Ya, Asma, tak boleh cakap macam ni.
AH: Okay.. stop it.

So that's basically it. I'm bloody tired, I'm bloody sleepy, I have homeworks and I haven't done my ironing. Goodbye computer? No, I don't think so.

I um.. just.. um... posted this on Iztele by accident. Sack that. Oh and I watched 13 Ghosts before. FREAKING AWESOME!