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Asma Hamid

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29 January 2010
Road run
9:22 PM 0 Comments

Today was fun but well tiring.

I got to school with the hama beads box and an iron. Aisyah.. I bet to stop herself from feeling all guilty, started making the hama beads. I went to line up, waiting for Iman. Then came all her stuff. I helped her carry polystyrene. Haha.

Then we went setting up. I went to get a table from a class. We then made the icing. Imagine me carrying a mixing bowl and a mixer and Iman carrying sugar, butter and weighing machine to a class. Funny sight? I think so.

We then started making the colour and started decorating. Loads of people bought cookies at first then teacher decorated some cupcakes saying that I decorated it ugly. *looks down* But the sold it. Coolest teacher ever? I think so. Miss Margaret and Miss Anny or something like that. *looks around* Haha. Then Ana went around selling cookies.

A: We made these with love
M: Well this was made with money
A: This is made by a student to the others
M: Well, next time.. let a pro handle it

We were fighting from the start until everything was cleared. Overall, we sold more. :) Cos Auntie only made a bit. We made loads.

After that Hana, Jehan, Ana, Iman and I started decorating. So decorated everything, while jumping and getting icing all over then went around selling. FAIL? Not so. Sold everything until we had to ask a few to go to our stall. Teachers were waiting at the stall, shouting orders at us. Haha. I didn't mind. It was funny.

So that's what we did. I got icing all over myself. At one point, when I went to sell cupcakes to Pn F, she scraped icing on my face and wiped it on my scarf. I was like ''Apa ni cikgu?", she laughed.

Someone stole a few hama bead. Am I pissed? Yes. The pengawas sukan then started playing with the iron. Pain in the butt hole.

We were selling and then there were no polystyrene left so Hana went to get it. She came back with Raqib and a case full of cupcakes. People were racing for it. Haha. Finally we were left with 2. For who? Ustazah. Then we were all so happy that Iman dropped food colouring. So Hana, Jehan and Iman splashed water all over it. Thank God it all came off. Finally, I sat and drank. My feet started to hurt.

KAisyah called Papa and when I saw Papa, I picked up the bag of hama beads and all and the bag ripped. I screamed and walked away. So pissed at myself. Hafiz, Hezrin, Hakim, Hiqmal and Haziqah helped picking up everything. THANK YOU!

Papa got us all Mackedees. Went home and ate then I slept. Hehe. Bloody tired alright. from 8 until 12, I didn't sit down.. AT ALL.

Hana lost her purse. Hana's phone screen cracked. People stepped on my shoe. I wanna cry. But I didn't. Yeah. Iman got more than she expects so yeah. Good for her.Next time, we will need a bigger working space. A ran and didn't take pictures. I bet S took pictures of his friends. I will leave them with teacher. :|