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In Louisiana

Asma Hamid

I'm the anon that stalks on you. I'm the anon that insults you. I'm the anon that gives you crappy advice. I'm the anon that you fight with. I'm the anon that talks true shits. And I'm the anon that you didn't know.

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BTW, just because the layout is pink, it doesn't mean I like pink.
24 January 2010
11:15 PM 4 Comments

Yesterday was average.

I wanted to stay asleep. I couldn't. SCHOOL. N is no longer a prefect. Because of one prefect... there's this one prefect, my opinion on the RKs totally changed. The ones that I know, I don't mind but the rest... I rest my case here. Anyway... we didn't learn much. Maths? Nope. Agama? Yeah. Geo? Obvi. BM? Nope... we called teacher after it was finished. Oops. Civics? We were given some paper to fill in. I didn't do it because we were discussing our BM Oral.

I came back home all tired. Jumped on the bed and fell asleep. At 3, Mami woke me up cos we had to go to Auntie Farid's house because it was Zainab's birthday. So I went. I ate Nasi Tomato, Lasagne, Chocolate Puff, Cheese tart, Egg tart, Chocolate cake and curry puff. Heh. Heh. Heh. *grins*

We went to OU and ate at BBQ Chicken. O0. I wanted to buy pumps but then they weren't comfy. I want to buy slip ons but I don't know where they sell them. I ended up with just food in my tummy.

I am like a MyLifeisAverage addict. Seriously. So I made AsmaHamid'sLifeisAverage. How original. Haha. But hey, atleast AHLIA has no lies like how half of MLIA.