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In Louisiana

Asma Hamid

I'm the anon that stalks on you. I'm the anon that insults you. I'm the anon that gives you crappy advice. I'm the anon that you fight with. I'm the anon that talks true shits. And I'm the anon that you didn't know.

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BTW, just because the layout is pink, it doesn't mean I like pink.
15 February 2010
8:25 PM 0 Comments


Hahaaa. Seriously. All the anak-anak mak came which includes Syameem, Jazli, Kak Iqa, Aiman, Faiz, KAisyah, Hakim and myself. No Muaz cos... just no. Oh and Kak Ngah brought us. :P

The first hour, I fell once. It was all nice and peaceful. After 12.30, I fell 8 times. Well I think it was 8 times and believe it or not... IT WAS ALL AT THE SAME PLACE. On the top, left corner if you're from the lift. It was bloody crowded too.

After a few falls, I went out because the back of my leg started hurting. I found out that my skin was peeled off. I had this surprised face on and the guy in front of me started laughing. Funny, ain't it? No. Anyway, I started limping towards Hakim for a plaster. After that, I skated and since my left foot hurts, I used my right foot. And yes, it was hard. I kept falling and all of my falls ended with a large bump on the rink floor. Okay.. OBVIOUSLY. Haha. Anyway, I basically skidded and then fell. But it was all totally worth it.

About 4 years of not touching the rink and I still got it. HECK YEAH! Haha. Perasan gilaaaa. Oh and I know what I want for my birthday this year. *wink wink* ;) I'll take the cab, don't worry. HAHAHA. After I have given up on falling, all of us went to the surau to pray then headed to Pizza Hut. We ate LOADS. Then when we wanted to bill, Jazli pressed the bill button 3 times and Faiz pressed it once. It came well late.

After Pizza, we walked to popular then had our desert. It was the Hot n Fold thing. I think that that's the name. And no, when I did a double that, it was purposely done. Kak Ngah hit the side post when she wanted to go out of the valet parking spot. She was all worried. We got lost somewhere there but in the end, after a few guess-turns, we were on the motorway again.

Arrived at my house, we all ate Mee Bandung Muar and went to the half-court... yano, testing out the new basketball. Heh. Heh. We played from like I don't know what time until 7.15. But the last 15 minutes, only Mami, Hakim and KAisyah played cos the rest went home. Oh and I scored every shot I took except one the last 15 minutes and I only got 2 in while the rest were still there. Like WTH Asma.

Oh and, before at the ice skating rink, innit I fell like 9 times and like all 9 times, I had people helping me. Well, I then went to the surau and I fell at the wudhu place. Yes it was wet but I didn't mind because I was already wet from the rink. So then this woman went out of the surau and you know what she said? "Oh, nasib baik, bukan anak aku" Then she went back in. How great?

and i don't even care that my legs are killing me