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Asma Hamid

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28 March 2010
Arwah Wak Umi
11:28 PM 0 Comments

Wak Umi passed away at around 1. We straight went to Kuala Selangor from Muar. I didn't get to see Wak Umi because we arrived late. When we arrived, Wak was fully covered. They then went to the grave yard. Mami and Papa got to see Wak but I didn't because I am on bloody period.

Wak has been nothing but great to us. She was going through something and I just found out today. She didn't want anyone knowing. Even Hakim knew. I was left in the dark. But you know, sometimes we just have to respect some one's privacy.

The last time we saw her was when we had that barbecue at our house. I think she slept in my room. I was upstairs with Kak Aisyah. I didn't know that that would be the last time I saw her. I mean, who would, right? I don't know what to say.

You know, sometimes, when you're sad, you tend to think or talk about something else to just get your mind off that something? But then you know that you'd have to face it sooner or later? That sucks, doesn't it?

I would never go back to kampung to see pulut especially made for me. And if there were, it would never be the same anymore. Then i would never clean my room anymore because Wak was coming over. We wouldn't see Wak every eid anymore. This is making me cry. Wak was and still is the best aunt you could ever have.


BTW, where is the letter from MCMC telling me that I now have a callsign?