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Asma Hamid

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30 May 2010
World's Milk Day
9:22 PM 0 Comments

I am really sleepy right now but I have to stay up to finish reading stuff for tomorrow's exam. This is the only way that will keep me awake (other than slapping myself).

I can describe today with one word but that wouldn't be as epic as one whole writing.

Today I went to World's Milk Day in Pavillion. I got to SMK SECT5 at 7 in the morning, greeting every scout in front of me. It was great to be back. Back where I'm suppose to be. The bus then came and we took off to Pavillion. Kat sat next to me, as usual. Once we arrived, everyone was downright giddy, we even sang a song while crossing the road which got a fake disapproval from Kak Ash. We got our food, sat and ate it all up... it was bread. Anyway, we then had to wait and suddenly we saw people with stickers. You know, those stickers with numbers on them.

After we stuck the stickers on our scout uniform, we started Scouting. Haha. We sang some songs, clap some claps and fun some funs. Which was wickedly awesome. Everyone then had to get into lines so we could start the whole thing. I would be lying if I say that my butt didn't hurt because WHOAH, it did. Countdown started and poof.. we were in Malaysia's Book of Records. We all went to the side to take pictures... and I saw a certain King Scout *wink wink*. Everyone were asking about Radio Amateur and I was like Baby, baby, baby, chill. They are so eager, I can't wait seeing them torture a month or two before the exams. ^^

We then went back to the place where we gathered when we arrived and started singing more songs. We did the Mexican Ale(Wave) and it was CAUGHT ON CAMERA. (Trying to be epic here) 'Bapa ayam' and the 'anak ayams' wanted to go into Pavillion but unfortunately, the bus was already waiting.

Syuk then told the bus driver to stop right in front of Carrefour. We jumped out and went to McDonald's to spend the RM10 voucher we all got from Dutch Lady. We ate at the food court, with about 8 tables combined. We talked, we chatted and in the end we walked back to school.

Thank you to Abg Udy, Kak Mee, Kak Ash, Kat, Syuk, Aniq, Ashekeen, Aliff, Kak Balqis, Alya, Shamira, Amir, Wissal and Anep for a DOWN-RIGHT WICKED DAY. :)