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Asma Hamid

I'm the anon that stalks on you. I'm the anon that insults you. I'm the anon that gives you crappy advice. I'm the anon that you fight with. I'm the anon that talks true shits. And I'm the anon that you didn't know.

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01 August 2010
Scout's Centernary Celebration
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I arrived at 8 and met up with Ajwad and Pidot. We registered under SMK Sect 5 and went to the Scout For Nature booth. We sat around, we helped out and all. Then Abg Azri asked me if I wanted the I ♥ SCOUT badge, so I obviously said yes.
AA - Abg Azri
AU - Abg Udy
Me - Me

AA: Dalam kereta lah badge tu... kalau nak pergi lah ambil.. tapi boleh percaya ke?
AU: Eh, Asma.... mana boleh percaya.
AA: Tak leh eh? Kenapa, nanti sampai2, tengok semua benda dah hilang?
AU: Cam tu lah
AA: *laughs*
AU: Takde lah, asma boleh dipercayai.
AA: *gives Me the keys* Kereta warna merah, badge tu kat dashboard
Me: Okay.. Dekat dashboard eh?
AA: A'ah
Me: *went to get the badges* And hands it to AA
AA: Ni 4 dah hilang ni.
Me: Mana adaaaa.
AA: Laughs.
Then we had to search for 12 'sahabat pena'. I got some Kelanas and the rest are from other people. Ajwad, Pidot and I decided to go around to complete our paper which needs 15 stamps from 15 different checkpoints. The first one was map, second was compass, third was Sepak Takraw but I didn't do it, next was Lilit Gunting and after that Buku Sila and then we went down to the assembly place. We were sitting and it was SO BLOODY WARM no HOT. Mr Tiger came down from the SFN's booth with Abg Qayyoum and Abg Lan (I think) escorting it. When it came to the tarian, we all legged it to find shade. After a few, we all decided to continue doing the other tasks.
After I've been to 15 checkpoints, I went back to the SFN booth to chill out. I grabbed a chair and sat down. I then called Ajwad to see where he was and he was under this big canopy. When I came, Ajwad decided to hang out with Abg Qayyoum who happens to be at the SFN canopy so we walked there. But then, Abg Qayyoum had to escort the mascot. So we went back to the tent. Abg Qayyoum was dancing, it was hilarious. Tak tipu. Then all of us went to sit on the grass. I didn't because I don't want to get them things from weeds on my pants. I sat on the concrete.

AQ - Abg Qayyoum
Me - Me

AQ: Abg duduk sebelah awak dalam bas
Me: Masa kat kem kencana
AQ: Lepastu awak speaking dengan abang
Me: o0 *grins* (Tak sangka AQ ingat lagi)

After that, we got our badges (REAL PROUD BTW) and went to sit for the closing ceremony. After the closing ceremony, Ajwad and Pidot wants to buy extra badges (it's limited) but then they were too scared to ask. In the end, Ajwad went to ask and the guy said he has to wait for 2 weeks. We went to get ice cream and suddenly Abang Marwan came and belanja-ed us ice cream. Hehe.

On the way up
K: Eh, before you said that you're full, now you're eating ice cream?!
M: Heh.. heh..
K: Haha, alright then. BYE!

I sat around, eating ice cream under the SFN canopy. They were all eating and asked me to eat but I didn't want to so then they had a race to see who can eat the most Nasi Lemak.

AQ: Nasi lemak ni, akan basi pukul 4.
SA: Dah pukul 4.02, tak leh dah makan.
AQ: Eh, makan lah.
SA: Dah basi
AQ: Mana ada tulis basi?
SA: Dekat sini (points to nothing)
E: (laughs)

AU: Asma, jom turun
Me: Tak boleh, my dad datang pukul 4.30
AU: Oh, kay bye.
Me: Bye

Papa then came and I went to say bye to Kakak and Abang... I can't remember their names from UPM.