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Asma Hamid

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02 September 2010
1:04 PM 0 Comments

In life, people will come and go. Today, I feel as if I just lost someone that has made a big impact in my life although I have only gotten to know her for about 4 months. She's my Malay teacher. Out of all the teachers that have taught me, from when I was in Primary right until now, I know that she will be the one of the teachers that I will remember until the last day I live and you're probably wondering why.

I moved class in May and I had different teachers. At first, I thought all the teachers would be chilled. But then, my Malay teacher came in. Saying that I was scared is the biggest understatement at that time because I was beyond terrified. After I found out that she was my Malay teacher, I wanted to change class, I asked but then I couldn't. So I decided to just live with it.

The second time she came in, I was ready to face her or at least I thought I was. That second time scared me. But then the third came. She spoke to me, she asked me about the class, she asked me if I liked my surroundings and I was honest with her. I felt as if the class was my family. She then made a joke. Got me laughing. To be honest, sometimes she made jokes, I fake laugh because I was too scared to understand it.

A few days later, when she walked in I WAS BEYOND HAPPY. I started laughing because I understand her jokes. I started communicating with her. I started enjoying her class. It takes time to get used to the way people teach or act and it took time for me to get used to her. But then I got used to her. I found out how motherly she acts, how much I've learnt from her and how happy I am when she's teaching. Bak kata pepatah ''Tak kenal, maka tak cinta.''

One time, she didn't come and so on that day we didn't have her in class, I felt as if my day wasn't completed. I think I've been scold by her more than anyone in class but I can't say that I hate it because I really appreciate it. Come on, you tell me how many people get the attention from her more than the people she scolds. Exactly. A day without her making a joke is basically non-existing.

Just then, she made a speech. You see, after Eid we have to change teachers because they want to send her to some other class. She was saying how everything... okay I can't really put the whole speech here. But I nearly teared up because she's basically leaving us. She's not going to teach us any more. Simple as that, right? No.

Because of her, I enjoy my Malay lessons. Because of her, I speak more Malay. Because of her, I understand more Malay now. Because of her, I look forward to going to school. Because of her, I look forward of getting my mistakes pointed out. Because of her, I enjoy standing up to answer questions. Because of her, I know how much a teacher should care for their students. Because of her, my Malay isn't that bad any more. Because of her, I learnt how to appreciate a teacher. Because of her, my ideas pop up in Malay. Because of her, I have learnt many guides to life. Because of her, I know what type of husband to search for. Because of her, when I go out, I can laugh at a sign that says ''Kedai Menjahit Pakaian Perempuan''. Because of her, I have tried dancing Kuda Kepang. Because of her, I got the change to jump in mud to catch fishes. Because of her, I stayed at Dorani Homestay. Because of her, I got to sit in the bus with my friends. Because of her, I learnt so many new things. And finally, because of her, I have a Kamus Dewan under my table.

I FEEL SO EMOTIONAL. I don't think I can give her anything that can pay off everything she's done for me. She helped me so much, in life and in... Malay. And these are the reasons why I will never forget my Malay teacher.
It's surprising how much memory is built around things unnoticed at the time. ~Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams
It's Puan Sharifah Noora, btw. Tee Hee. :D