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In Louisiana

Asma Hamid

I'm the anon that stalks on you. I'm the anon that insults you. I'm the anon that gives you crappy advice. I'm the anon that you fight with. I'm the anon that talks true shits. And I'm the anon that you didn't know.

absoluteloud-ness: 2006-2008
iztele: 2009

BTW, just because the layout is pink, it doesn't mean I like pink.
23 December 2010
10:01 PM 0 Comments

I cried even before I got to school. That's how much of a sissy I am.
Teacher then told me something even before I got my slip so I cried even more. I'm such a sissy.
After getting the slip, I straight went home, ignoring everybody who stopped me cos I'm not cool like that. We went out to eat and then I went to OU with everybody else.

Auntie Zaida belanja-ed for everything. Heh. Heh. After we bought the tickets, we went to Auntie Anne's and to pray. At 10 past 5, we waited outside although the gate was suppose to open at that time. We went in and my shoes got me trippin'. We watched this funny ghost story. It was cool. After that, we went home. Yeh.

And now I'm chatting to people. I'm even chatting to FR. :') I KNOW RIGHT, LIKE OMG.
(Nearly 12) AND AF! Cos I'm not gay. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Kay bye. Yes, I've already sujud syukur.

MY TUMBLR IS NOW SO SAD. I'm not lying. People who are emo can go through it and feel like suiciding. lol joke. And you know what, I cry every time I find out that somebody got straight As. Cos yeah...

Oh you know, when I didn't do good in UPSR, people were all like ''you still have PMR'' and now I screwed PMR, everyone's all ''PMR is nothing, just wait til SPM''.