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29 December 2010
Sleepover with Nina and Munirah
8:40 PM 0 Comments

We picked Munirah and Nina up at her dad's office and went to Sunway. We skated til like 2 o'clock then had Carls Jr. After that, we came back home. Nina and I watched all them KPOP stuff and it was fun. Heh. Heh. We made dumplings after that.
And then... we continued watching korean stuff. I went down to eat and found out that Aisyah and Munirah weren't at home. I tried my best to keep Nina upstairs. When they came back, we got everything ready and switched off the lights. We then called Nina down. She was surprised... I think. LOL.
Anyway, then we had cake. Oreo cheesecake. After that, we went to Aisyah's and prank called some people cos it's a sleepover.

The next day, I was the earliest to wake up. Nina caught me goggling at 2PM. Heh. Heh. Heh.
Nina: She woke up to watch that!
When Aisyah and Munirah woke up, they cooked for us. So we had food. We then wanted to watch a movie (Me and Nina) so we were going through all these korean movies and we ended up wanting to watch Baby And I. We called Aisyah and Munirah (they were upstairs).
Me: Do you want to watch Baby and I?
Aisyah: We're watching that.
Me: What?
Aisyah: We're watching it.
That was the awesome-st coincidence ever. So after we ate lunch, we watched it together downstairs, in front of the TV. We watched Baby and I, Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do and The Longest 24 months. And if you've watched them, you would know that Jang Geun Suk acted in all of them. Heh. Heh. Heh.

For dinner, we had KFC. We went to the one in The Store. And the woman who took our order and this other worker was down right rude. We wanted to complain so I took the slip but we had no pen. But seriously they were rude.

When we came home, Auntie and Uncle were waiting to pick them up. So they went home.