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In Louisiana

Asma Hamid

I'm the anon that stalks on you. I'm the anon that insults you. I'm the anon that gives you crappy advice. I'm the anon that you fight with. I'm the anon that talks true shits. And I'm the anon that you didn't know.

absoluteloud-ness: 2006-2008
iztele: 2009

BTW, just because the layout is pink, it doesn't mean I like pink.
31 December 2010
10:09 PM 0 Comments

Which was the best month for you? January
Which was the worst? October
What was the most significant thing that happened this year? Aisyah and Hakim leaving
What person had the most impact on your life this year? Iman
What was the best concert that you attended? Youtube concert
What was your biggest challenge of 2010? Changed class
Your biggest regret? Not blogging
What moment stands out to you the most? When I went to Singapore
What band did you listen to the most? Westlife, The Hush Sound and Boyzone
On a scale of 1-10, 2010 was 1

Did you….

Meet anyone special? Yes. Eh no.
Get close to someone you didn’t expect to? Yes.
Have a boyfriend or girlfriend? No
Have a relationship for more than 3 months? No
Hook up with anyone, no strings attached? No
Experience the death of a loved one? Yeh
Get in a fight? Yes
Lose a friend? Yes
Get drunk? No
Regret doing something? Yes
Go to a concert? No
Fall in love? No
Fall out of love? No
Get back together with an ex? No
Enjoy being single? Yes
Accomplish a goal? No
Learn something new? Yes
Get arrested? No
Break up with someone? No
Get a tattoo? Mo
Go to a party? class party

Your favorites of 2010

Favorite CD (released in 2010): Still 2PM - 2PM
Favorite CD (not released in 2010): Where We Are - Westlife
Favorite song: Too many
Favorite movie: Harry Potter (shocking for me)
Favorite person to talk to: Nina Abdul
Favorite thing to do: Lay around and not think
Favorite TV show: Amazing Race
Favorite memory: Getting myself messy with cupcakes
Favourite feeling: PMR ending. yes, it's a feeling
Favorite food: Medicine
Favorite drink: Medicine
Favorite outfit: The ones I bought from DP
Favorite actor: Seunggi
Favorite place to be: My room

The New Year

What will you be doing on New Year’s Eve? Iunno, what do you think?
Will you kiss anyone at midnight? no
Who do you WANT to kiss at midnight? no one, thanks.
What is your New Year’s resolution? To atleast know the basics of korean, to actually really study and to get something because of my hard work.
Did you keep your resolution from last year? Yeh.
Do you think things will be different in 2011? I just don't want a crappy year.
What do you want most out of 2011? For it to be a good one
Do you think 2011 will be better than 2010? I just want it to
Anything you are particularly looking forward to? End of year holidays.

4 Final Quotes / Lyrics / Comments to describe 2010:

► Life sucks, what else is new? That's tough.

► Shit happens and then you die.

► We're so vain we even care about the thoughts of people we don't care for.

► Just. Go. Home. K thank you.